WATCH: US Army Brigade Sized Air Assault Training Caught On Tape

 May 12, 2021

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4 comments on “WATCH: US Army Brigade Sized Air Assault Training Caught On Tape”

  1. Makes me so Proud to be an American. We have an outstanding Military Force made up of such Loyal, Brave & Dedicated men & women. They will never know my name nor will I know theirs but I Pray for them every day & I Thank them every day for keeping me & mine safe from those that want to kill us. May God watch over our Military, HERO'S one & ALL!

  2. As a previous member of the 101st all I can say is "give it all you've got." I know what you're capable of and with your mind set I know the job your entrusted with will prevail !!! The 101st has many long years and real battles and I know you'll win - REGARDLESS !!!

    1. God bless the men of the 101st. The boots they wear are hard to fill. We appreciate you.

      A Vet of the Vietnamese War.

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