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5 comments on “WATCH: US Soldier Leads Savage Bayonet Charge”

  1. The "mistake" of the Vietnam intervention was not the military involvement itself, but the civilian interference that prevented us from even trying to win. Instead of establishing a perimeter defense, we would simply react to what the NVA-NLF was doing, fight doggedly to win the encounter and then pull back, yielding the piece of ground back to the reds. There was never any need of a Phoenix Program or the establishing of "free-fire zones." We needed instead to define a perimeter around those areas where were in control, defend its interior mostly with the ARVN and the regional and popular forces -- the "Ruff-Puff" -- and plan how we would expand the perimeter, setting each time a military objective -- something we never actually did -- and commit the necessary resources, especially US military and South Vietnamese Rangers, and take and HOLD the extra ground gained. We would have secured both the North and the South from what would later result in a desperate mass exodus of Vietnamese attempting to float across the Pacific, as well as throngs of other Vietnamese climbing aboard US military evacuation craft in a last-ditch effort flee from the communist take-over.

  2. God bless Millett, Iā€™m sure he would be proud of our country today. He did and gave so much, thank God he not here to see what Biden and the Crats are doing to the USA, he must be turning over in his grave.
    US Marine and 1st Cav Army Korea Vet

  3. The American soldiers always did their best but the politicians failed them ever since the Vietnam War. Unfortunately this is more true at our time than ever before. Demoralization is going on at the highest level.

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