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23 comments on “WATCH: US Special Operators Ambushed By ISIS In Afghanistan”

  1. This administration left our troops, other Americans and others helping with the language barrier were left behind. Communist China has come in to take over what our troops died for over 20 years from the Bush administration putting them there.

  2. So, Biden leaves too many personal, and sends in inferior weaponry! Is he capable of doing anything worthy of his position as president of the greatest country in the world or is he satisfied with the horror and damage he is responsible for?!?

    1. NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! He has turned the entire Stature, respect, and HONOR of America into the BIGGEST SCREW-UP OF ANY OTHER IN HISTORY!!!!

    2. No Taliban Joe Beiijing Biden is a puppet for others a Trojan horse as is Kamala Harris this is the most disastrous regime in America's history.

  3. I am so angry at Biden for the terrible way that he started his presidency!! It showed the entire world just how much of a dis-jointed jerk he is!! He abandoned Afganistan and many americans and patriots, along with over $80,000,000 (THAT IS BILLIONS$$) of Military equipment for the enemy to just move in and take over, and use against ANYONE, USA INCLUDED, to kill, maim, imprison, and violate all of the THOUSANDS of Americans and patriots to fend for themselves!!! Real great way to begin a presidency!!! Along with all of the additional screw-ups and STUPID decisions he has made, has proved exactly what President Trump warned American citizens would happen!!! Biden HAS TO BE THE STUPIDEST Man in the ENTIRE WORLD< AND WE WILL ALL SUFFER FROM HIS STUPIDITY!!!

    1. Why are we blaming Biden for everything? It is obvious he doesn't know what he is doing. ( shame on his wife for allowing this) .Why not get the real ring leaders of all of this...SOROS and his people.

      1. The reason Biden was installed in office is because he wants NWO and that is what all his “MISTAKES “ are about
        Dems agenda NWO & Communism

  4. Biden did the same thing in 1975. He signed off against sending the South Vietnamese supplies, ammo, fuel when we pulled out leaving them to fight the North Vietnamese, Russians and Chinese alone. considering it was Ho chi Minh that asked Truman for our help in getting rid of the French (they left in 1953) what were we doing there until 1975...

  5. fight back Americans, vote in all primaries where new, intelligent people come in....Last NOvember the majority of those in the House were voted back in when voters just check off their party top D or R....Swalwell, Schiff, Maxine, Pelosi, AOC, etc all came back for another two years....voters are the problem...

  6. This is worse the Ben Gazi in which this horrible person was vice-president. He needs to be held accountable. No American should still be on Afghanistan soil. We've already lost 17 and those deaths are on Biden . How many more will due in Afghanistan before they are all returned home and safe.

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