WATCH: Improvised Explosive Device Destroys U.S. Marine Humvee

 May 15, 2023

It's not every day that you get to see a Marine Humvee explode in a firey inferno. In Iraq, broken down cars along the roadway were abundant. Even if the patrol was certain they were not rigged with explosives, they still needed to get them off the road or they would be armed by insurgents within hours.

If a patrol was to call EOD to investigate every suspicious vehicle, they wouldn't get very far on a 12 hour patrol. After calling EOD, it would take at least an hour to get spun up before they could leave the wire. Not to mention, they would need to find a unit to escort them to the site.

It would then take several hours for EOD to investigate and reduce the device. Meanwhile, the patrol has it's own own objectives to complete, so often the patrol would just push it off the road and continue the mission.

In this video, the IED was actually placed by the curb and was wirelessly detonated. The IED explodes in a fiery blast that is more visually stunning than militarily effective.

The lone occupant of the Humvee, the driver, escapes unharmed but the Marines must scramble to remove sensitive items from the burning vehicle before the ammunition starts cooking off. The Humvee is a complete loss, but no Marines were injured in the incident.


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