Father, Daughter Graduate First Responder Academy Together

Father duaghter fire

While it’s not abnormal for kids and parents to have the same profession, it is rare for them to graduate at the same time. However, one Texas father and daughter recently graduated the fire academy at the same time.

Team Effort

A father and daughter from Godly, Texas, attended and graduated from Hill College Fire Protection Technology Program at the same time. Billy Thompson said their instructor made the connection when he saw the last name.

“He saw two Thompsons and asked if we’re related. I said, ‘Yeah, we’re father and daughter.’ He said, ‘Oh, never had that before, so that’s kind of cool.'”

Billy Thompson

Program Coordinator Robert Matthews verified that this was the first father-daughter set the school has had.

“I had one set of brothers who went through the class together. I’ve had fathers and sons, but they were in different classes. But this is the first class I’ve had with a father and daughter going through the same class together.”

Robert Matthews

Training Together

Thompson is 47, while his daughter Alexis is 19-years-old. They both graduated in the same ceremony on Thursday.

They even participated in fire training together at Johnson County Emergency Services District No 1. The drill for them and their classmates was to work on tactics for a burning home.

“We would’ve been out here earlier this week for this, but the weather messed things up and put our hands-on training behind half a day. They didn’t want us doing anything (Thursday) because we wouldn’t be able to get things done here then get ready for the graduation ceremony on time, so they said skip Thursday, and we’ll come back Friday and be done.”

Billy Thompson

Career Goals

Going to school together has given the pair a different perspective on classes and given the father-daughter team a chance to support one another. Alexis was not sure what she would do when she graduated from high school but decided to take this route.

Billy, on the other hand, has always wanted to be a firefighter. However, it never quite worked out that way. Until that is, he found this program.

The Hill College program runs for 16-weeks. The program was partially online and part in person. Alexis could still run the family business while still going to school. Now, both are set to take the certification test and moving forward in their careers as first responders.




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