Off-duty Officer And 6-Year Old Daughter Killed In Horrific Car Accident

Losing an officer is heartbreaking. It is even more devastating when the officer is off-duty and with his family.

A Monday Afternoon

Police detective K.C. Robinson and his wife were driving home from picking up their 6-year-old daughter from school in Whitesboro. On their way home, they stopped behind a school bus that was dropping off children along with a few other cars.

As they sat there waiting, a sanitation truck came over a hill slamming into the car at the end of the line. The truck set off a chain reaction with cars slamming into one another.

Unfortunately, one of those cars was Officer Robinsons. According to Fox 4 News, K.C. and his daughter Brynlee died at the scene. His wife, Lauren, was airlifted to a hospital in Plano and listed in critical condition.

Fox 4 news confirmed there is an officer sitting with her as she recovers, and she is aware that her husband and daughter did not make it in the crash.

Her mother-in-law Cathy Robinson just returned from a trip out of state when she heard the news. She said her daughter-in-law will have a difficult recovery without her husband and child.

Community Response

It is a devastating loss for the Robinson family, who has a family history in law enforcement.

"He thought it was in his blood because my mom and dad both were police officers when I was growing up. So he heard stories from his grandpa and grandma. Just a sweet boy. Loved his daughter. His daughter was the world. Lauren was the world to him."

Cathy Robinson

S&S Consolidated School District where Brynlee attended kindergarten said, "Our hearts go out to her family, our students, and our staff who have undoubtedly been affected by this tragedy."

Remembering Their Fellow Officer

The Celina police department is shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of their brother in blue. He had been with the department for three and a half years and recently been promoted to detective.

Chief Allwin Barrow said, "This is a family police department. These officers have known each other and care for each other far greater than any department I’ve worked with before, and this has compounded this tragedy quite a bit."

Robinson's squad car is now sitting in front of Celina police department, as a growing tribute to him and his family.

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