Heroic Nurses Save Infants And Elderly From Horrific Wildfire

Camp Fire

The Paradise Fire in Northern California made headlines across the United States. Even prompting a documentary to be made about that horrific day.

There was very little time to evacuate homes and area hospitals as flames raged down roads and through neighborhoods. Many did not make it out of this deadly fire.

Feather River Hospital

A group of nurses at the Feather River Hospital only had 20 minutes to get elderly patients and newborns out of the hospital and to safety. The patients were bundled up and placed into any available vehicle that was left in the parking lot.

One ambulance did not make it very far as it ran into the fire, and they had to stop. Another ambulance was following them, carrying Tamara Ferguson, Crissy Foster, and an elderly patient who was very ill.

Both ambulances were abandoned and the nurses, patients, EMTs and doctors were forced to find somewhere to hide. Luckily, they were near a home whose garage did not get consumed by the flames.

Praying for Safety

The nurses had all the patients lay out on the ground of the garage, hoping and praying that they would survive this ordeal.

Ferguson wrote on her Facebook page, “We moved patients to the garage of the only house not burning, laid them down, and tried to reassure their scared faces while hiding ours.”

“I wanted to run, just get out and run down the street and dodge flames and get to safety but reality reminded me I am not faster than a fierce, fast blowing fire…I felt so scared, hopeless, and desperate.

Tamara Ferguson

Foster saw the homeowner’s name on the mailbox. She messaged on Facebook to verify that it was her home. Borden first asked her if the home was gone but then asked if Foster was alright.

 “I am a nurse at feather river, and we got trapped there, and it saved our life. We were on the roof and watered, and when we left, it was still standing.”

Chrissy Foster

Finally Rescued

Firefighters and EMTs found the nurses and their patients hiding in the garage and got them out of the area and to safety at the hospital, setting up triage in the parking lot.

All of the brave nurses did everything they could to protect their patients in an impossible situation, spreading hope to their patients when it was in short supply.

Source: Daily Mail




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