The Dishonest Contention Of The Anti-Gun Movement: Rehashing Old Policy Ideas, Lies, And Bad Analogies

Anti-Gun Lies

It comes as no surprise that the anti-gun movement is going after the second amendment after the recent mass shootings. What is surprising, however, is how dishonest this movement continues to be in their contentions. They rehash the same old policy ideas, bad analogies, and lies in their desperate bid for more gun control.

Let’s take a closer look at the most prominent of the talking points and see why they are so flawed.

1. The Second Amendment was never absolute

“The Second Amendment was never absolute,… You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed. You couldn’t go out and purchase a lot of weapons.”

Joe Biden

Using this argument as a means to deprive citizens of their rights is absolutely absurd. Particularly because it is completely false. Private citizens were indeed able to own cannons in the same time period as the Constitution was written. Also, there were no limitations placed on how many and what type of weapon a citizen could own.

In fact, at the time of the Constitution’s writing, civilians were expected to own the same type of firearms as the military.

The most scary aspect of this argument is that the government get’s to choose which constitutional rights are absolute or not. In America, freedom is considered a God given right, not one bestowed to us by the government.

2. Raise the age limit required to purchase an AR15

The anti-gun movement loves the idea of raising the age to purchase an AR-15 from 18 to 21. The issue with this argument is not the age specifically. It’s the logical inconsistency applied to determining when a child becomes an adult.

For example, the age required to drive a car in the United States is between 16 and 18. The minimum age to join the Armed Forces is 17 (with parental permission). Young adults can’t legally drink alcohol or smoke tobacco until 21. Not to mention, the same politicians pushing anti-gun policies are advocating for lowering the voting age to 16.

The real question at the heart of this is simple. At what age is a U.S. citizen considered an adult and bestowed their constitutional rights. It’s time that America decide on this age and apply legislative consistency.

3. The assault weapons ban reduced mass shootings

“But after Republicans let the law expire in 2004, and those weapons were allowed to be sold again, mass shootings tripled,… Those are the facts. You won’t be surprised to learn that they’re not.”

Joe Biden

Except, Biden left out a critical fact: overall gun homicides continued to drop drastically after the assault weapon ban. While mass shootings have risen, there is no credible link between these horrific events and the lapsing of the ban.

Another fact left out of this ridiculous statement is that so far, most mass shooters used a handgun. The idea that psycpaths intent on murdering innocents will just give up if so called “assault rifles” are banned is utter nonsense.

4. Repeal gun manufacturers immunity from liability

“Gun manufacturers are the only industry in this country that has that kind of immunity.”

Joe Biden

This is an outright lie. In fact, gun manufacturers do not hold any special protections. They are held liable in the same ways car manufacturers are. Allowing victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers would be the same as allowing DUI victims to sue vehicle manufacturers.

This talking point is an emotional one that is not backed by any kind of logic or reason. Suing a gun manufacturer will not prevent more gun crimes. If allowed to progress, the attack on gun manufacturers will ultimately drive firearm production under.

This is nothing more than a ploy to drive gun manufacturers out of business and effectively enact a ban on new firearms.

The anti-gun movement loves to use the dead bodies of innocents to fuel their rhetoric. Also, they make sickening claims about anyone who disagrees with them, claiming they do not care about the lives of innocent children.

In answer to that, the CDC has found that defensive uses of firearms in the United States ranges from 300,000 to 3 million. This data is hard to quantify, but even the lowest estimate proves that firearm ownership saves more people than it kills.

What do you think, is the second amendment absolute? Should the government apply legislative consistency on age limits? Should assault weapons be banned? Are firearm manufacturer liable for deaths stemming from their products? Let us know in the comments below.




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