Anti-Police Activism Is Resulting In Officers Being Charged With Murder For Doing Their Job

 June 11, 2022

Anti-Police activism is a cancer in America. And let's be crystal clear about who has stoked those flames: the Democratic left. Do not forget this, remember who is to blame when you go to punch your ballot in November. If you are on the fence about voting because you are unsure if your vote counts, DO NOT stand by and let the left destroy what is left of law and order.

It is critical to remember that Democrat politicians are absolutely against law and order. They've stood with the ACAB (All Cops Are Bad) anti-Police movement and are coming after your right to self-defense and God given Second Amendment rights. The Democratic left will not be content until you rely on them for your safety and well being.

The latest result of the anti-Police movement, supported by every Democrat politician, is the criminal charging of Police Officers forced to take a life in the process of doing their jobs. The prolific cases we will go over in a moment do not involve Officers with a shady past. The Officers involved are veterans of their departments who have been decorated for their service to the communities.

However, the Democratic left cannot fathom this. To them, every Police Officer is out there hunting down minorities, eager to kill the first one they come across. This is a downright, sickening lie. All data suggests that the vast majority of Law Enforcement Officers are incredible people willing to lay down their lives for complete strangers. Of course there are some bad apples and some unwilling to do their jobs. But these are edge cases and everyone agrees they should lose their badge.

With all that being said, let's look at the most recent cases that inspired this rant of an article.

NOTE: these may be actual cases of Police brutality. However, from the surface level, these appear to be witch hunts out to convict any Officer they can get their hands on.

Three Officers indicted for murder after tasing violent suspect

Three Crestview, Florida Officers responded to a 911 call where a woman was screaming for help. On arrival, Officers made contact with an erratic and aggressive subject potentially under the influence of drugs.

The subject became agitated and combative when Officers attempted to detain him as a suspect. The suspect violently resisted Officers who then attempted to tase him. This is standard practice and part of the use of force continuum utilized by most departments in the U.S.

However, in this case, it appears that the taser shock combined with the use of drugs was too much for the suspect and he died the next day.

The three Officers involved have been indicted for manslaughter. The problem with this is that from the surface level it sounds as if they were doing their job and following the use of force continuum. Not to mention, each of these Officers are seasoned veterans in their departments with 12, 7 and 3 years of experience. As far as we can determine, none of them have been charged or even investigated for excessive force.

Officers using less-lethal tools like tasers when trying to subdue violent suspects should not be charged with manslaughter if the subject dies, as long as they followed the standards set by their department. We cannot make it so that Police fear using their less-lethal tools. This will endanger both Law Enforcement and members of the community alike.

Officer charged with murder for shooting suspect trying to take service gun

If a violent suspect lays hands on an Officer, especially the Officer's taser or gun, they have escalated the situation to the highest level. Someone willing to take an Officer's weapon has forfeited their right to live. This is important because they may use that weapon on the Officer or on innocent civilians. One of the most critical rules in Law Enforcement is to ensure the Officer's weapon is not used against anyone except in defense of the Officer and the community.

In this case, a Grand Rapids, Michigan Officer is being charged with 2nd-degree murder and faces life in prison for killing a suspect who was trying to disarm him.

The incident began when the suspect immediately vacated a suspected stolen vehicle when the Officer initiated a traffic stop. This action immediately escalates the situation as citizens are expected to remain in the vehicle with hands visible in all traffic stops. This protects the Officer and the citizen and is the only way to get through a traffic stop without violence. Not to mention, stolen vehicle stops often end in violence so the Officer and suspect are already on edge.

In this case, the suspect vacated his vehicle and remained outside despite repeated orders by the Officer. After a few warnings, the suspect tried to flee and a foot pursuit began. After a short chase the suspect was tackled and a desperate fight ensued. The Officer deployed his taser twice but missed due to the subject attempting to wrestle the weapon away.

After more than 90 seconds of fighting over the weapon, the Officer drew his firearm and fired a single round. The bullet struck the suspect in the head and killed him on the spot.

Now, the Officer is facing life in prison as he's been charged with 2nd-degree murder. From the first hand accounts and video footage available to the public, this is an outrageous witch hunt for an Officer who did the best he could in a violent situation.

Remember, when a suspect tries to take an Officers weapon, they are willing to commit any act of violence and must be stopped.

It's time to stand up against the anti-Police movement and politicians who support it

It's important to note that the legal system in America, while flawed, is the most just system in the world. However, it is naive to think that anti-Police rhetoric spewed by activists and Democrat politicians is not swaying juries.

Judges and juries alike now consider the fact their city may face viscous riots if their decision does not match that of public opinion. Mainstream media has it's grip on many Americans, making them believe hateful, anti-Police ideologies.

How do you think this affects Law Enforcement? How many of the good cops are going to stick around if they will face life in prison for defending themselves and their communities? How many people who might make excellent Officers will pursue other lines of work because they know they will face persecution as a cop? Unfortunately, this is the plan. This will force America to look to the Federal Government for help, and we all know what happens when they take charge.

It's time for the law abiding, sensible American's to make our voices heard. This November, vote for freedom, support our Military and First Responders, and stand for law and order.

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22 comments on “Anti-Police Activism Is Resulting In Officers Being Charged With Murder For Doing Their Job”

  1. This Is the Plan of the Marxists, Biden. Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders and the whole gangster government. Why be shocked? The Marxists are doing the greatest job ever as they have planned to destroy the United States of America.


    2. Worse than Marxist they are all loyal Globalist marionettes all part of the Globalist NWO Cabal ensuring that the desires of their Globalist masters is a prime concern and that can often be done through complete anarchy.

  2. We as a nation need to implement a Constitution of States and take back our government. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! and get your heads out of your asses.

    1. Ernest Craft: Greatest idea (but NOT a Constitutional Convention (an attempt to completely rewrite our Constitution), but Article 5 Convention of States to Amend our Constitution WITHOUT HAVING TO GET CONGRESS' "permission"). Term Limits, Balanced Federal Budget,, and Limiting Federal Government to Constitutional specifications seem to be only achievable WITHOUT involving our mostly self-serving Congress. (go to conventionofstates .com website for information)

      1. "ConCons"can also go the wrong way politically because it is a unique event that would let the left commit the ULTIMATE POLITICAL THEFT, ala 2020 election on steroids. Think it out VERY carefully my fellow constitution loving Americans

    2. NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! That's the WORST POSSIBLE move to make now, unless your intent is to finish destroying the Constitution entirely!

  3. Remember they have the support of our present government!!!!! Many of them created funds to bail out criminals back in 2020. Plus declaring that the riots were peaceful demonstrations!!!!!

  4. I spent 25 years as a Law Enforcement Officer. I policed during a era where people respected Law Enforcement. During my 25 years there were several times I had to draw my weapon and discharge my weapon. We didn’t have tasers and all of the gadgets they have today. We did have incidents where we had to get on some ass. We didn’t provoke it but we were not going to let someone get us either. I have worked several cases involving Officer Involved shootings and cases where Officers were killed by suspects and the Officer never pulled a trigger.

    This antiLaw Enforcement thing we are going through is beyond my way of thinking. It’s already bad enough that an Officer had to take a life but to then charge or indict them for doing their job royal pisses me off. If you think back this antiPolice era started during the Obama Administration. His, his wife and his administration hated Cops and they went out of there way to ruin an Officers life if it was involving black person. I talked to a Chief the other day that has 9 openings and it’s a department where normally he has a stack of applications but now he can not find anybody that wants to do this courageous and rewarding job because of these radical liberal left wingers that has a hard-on for Law Enforcement. The funny part of all of this is when these thuggish politicians wants to speak or whatever who are the first ones they line up for protection, that’s right Cops!! We need to rally behind every Law Enforcement Officer out there and show them we have their back!!

    1. 💯 %! Our officers can not do their job now days in fear of getting locked up! It's a damn shame what a few so called President's have done to our country!! Back in the day when the police could do their job, crime rate was down. Look at the crime stats now! It's out of the roof and only will get worst if we don't get a Republican President again. For what an officer makes now days, I wouldn't have the damn job and have to worry if I'm gonna end up in jail. Plus, the racial shit is nuts! I would work at Walmart before I worked as a police officer. We no longer protect our LEOS!! I'm just sick of the way our officers are treated and underpaid! It's time we stand up and protect our police. God bless them and bring them home safe everyday and night.

  5. When lives are in danger it is dangerous to arrest,convict and put in jail policemen who do their job. We should put into prison the democrats who make policemen targets by their choice of words.

  6. How come you almost never see a federal law enforcement officer charged with an unlawful shooting?
    At Ruby Ridge an FBI agent murdered the wife of the person they were there to arrest This was a factor in Timothy McVey's blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City. They murdered an "activist" on his way to meet with with the FBI in Oregon. They claim they found a gun on him. Did anybody say he was holding it in a threatening manner? It was a type of gun the "victim" was not known to carry. Could the FBI be using "throw down guns" to cover their unlawful shootings? Then we have Janet Reno's disaster at the Branch Davidian Compound. How many men, women and children died in that inferno?

    I completely agree with most shootings by local and state police officers. I believe that in many cases the "rules" of engagement are too restrictive and place the officers in needless jeopardy. So why do I have a problem with the "questionable" FBI, DEA, ATF, etc shootings? Our present day federal law enforcement agencies have had 8 years of corruption from Obama and 1 year from Biden. The result has been a complete corruption of these agencies to the point that they are being used as weapons against the Republicans. Just look at the groundless claims against Trump and look at the unnecessary and excessive force used when arresting republicans. Arrests of unarmed citizens suspected of non violent crimes in the middle of the night in their homes or on a plane full of passengers using cuffs and leg irons, all designed for maximum embarrasment when all that was necessary was a phone call to arrange a voluntary surrender at the FBI headquarters. When do we say "enough!" and start replacing the worthless politicians who claim to represent us?

  7. I believe that bad officers need weeded out of the force, however I support the police in getting rid of the trash on the streets and neighborhoods. No officer should have to put up with resisting arrest by thugs.

  8. I fully support our law enforcement personnel. They have a tough job & the left media with democrat politicians are making it tougher. Crime is at an all-time high. Why would anyone support gang violence & any criminal activity is beyond my imagination. We have laws for a good reason & they should be enforced for the good of all law-abiding citizens.

    1. Our police officers should get the respect they deserve. What the Biden/,Obama have done to.out great men in blue is a Marxists move to destroy our protection from Crime & Lawlessness. That Is how they have destroyed our America. BIDEN is serving his 3rd time thru the mentally challenged Biden. Thru the puppet Biden, Obamba takes no.blame to turning out freedom into Communism. GOD I PRAY WILL INTERVENE AGAINST THE EVIL THESE DEMOCRATS ARE CAUSING OUR PEOPLE AND OUR COUNTRY

  9. I live in Baltimore and we went down this road with a no-good drug dealer and fall-down king in 2015. It went national and our crummy DA Marilyn Mosby charged 6 officers with murder. All were found not guilty, but the damage had been done. Now she and her City Council president husband are facing their own charges of being thieves. But, the stupid people here will not see she is a crook. The Mayor at the time Steffanie Rawlings-Blake let the city burn. All Democrats! Still all democrats and we ae in HELL! The cops can't do their jobs!

  10. Get all the demonrats addresses and continuously boycott their homes. Lets not forget that Maxine Waters encouraged violence on all Trump supporters so she should be the first target. Make sure she never feels safe.

    1. Amen brother Charles. We have to get in the mud and get out hands dirty to get rid of the worse filth this country has ever seen.

  11. All these stupid,dope soaked thugs have to do is to follow the officers instructions,and no dramas would unfold. One social group stands out on resisting arrest, far out of their proportionate percentage of society in general.

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