The Dishonest Contention Of The Anti-Gun Movement: Rehashing Old Policy Ideas, Lies, And Bad Analogies

 June 5, 2022

It comes as no surprise that the anti-gun movement is going after the second amendment after the recent mass shootings. What is surprising, however, is how dishonest this movement continues to be in their contentions. They rehash the same old policy ideas, bad analogies, and lies in their desperate bid for more gun control.

Let's take a closer look at the most prominent of the talking points and see why they are so flawed.

1. The Second Amendment was never absolute

"The Second Amendment was never absolute,... You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed. You couldn’t go out and purchase a lot of weapons."

Joe Biden

Using this argument as a means to deprive citizens of their rights is absolutely absurd. Particularly because it is completely false. Private citizens were indeed able to own cannons in the same time period as the Constitution was written. Also, there were no limitations placed on how many and what type of weapon a citizen could own.

In fact, at the time of the Constitution's writing, civilians were expected to own the same type of firearms as the military.

The most scary aspect of this argument is that the government get's to choose which constitutional rights are absolute or not. In America, freedom is considered a God given right, not one bestowed to us by the government.

2. Raise the age limit required to purchase an AR15

The anti-gun movement loves the idea of raising the age to purchase an AR-15 from 18 to 21. The issue with this argument is not the age specifically. It's the logical inconsistency applied to determining when a child becomes an adult.

For example, the age required to drive a car in the United States is between 16 and 18. The minimum age to join the Armed Forces is 17 (with parental permission). Young adults can't legally drink alcohol or smoke tobacco until 21. Not to mention, the same politicians pushing anti-gun policies are advocating for lowering the voting age to 16.

The real question at the heart of this is simple. At what age is a U.S. citizen considered an adult and bestowed their constitutional rights. It's time that America decide on this age and apply legislative consistency.

3. The assault weapons ban reduced mass shootings

"But after Republicans let the law expire in 2004, and those weapons were allowed to be sold again, mass shootings tripled,... Those are the facts. You won’t be surprised to learn that they’re not."

Joe Biden

Except, Biden left out a critical fact: overall gun homicides continued to drop drastically after the assault weapon ban. While mass shootings have risen, there is no credible link between these horrific events and the lapsing of the ban.

Another fact left out of this ridiculous statement is that so far, most mass shooters used a handgun. The idea that psycpaths intent on murdering innocents will just give up if so called "assault rifles" are banned is utter nonsense.

4. Repeal gun manufacturers immunity from liability

"Gun manufacturers are the only industry in this country that has that kind of immunity.”

Joe Biden

This is an outright lie. In fact, gun manufacturers do not hold any special protections. They are held liable in the same ways car manufacturers are. Allowing victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers would be the same as allowing DUI victims to sue vehicle manufacturers.

This talking point is an emotional one that is not backed by any kind of logic or reason. Suing a gun manufacturer will not prevent more gun crimes. If allowed to progress, the attack on gun manufacturers will ultimately drive firearm production under.

This is nothing more than a ploy to drive gun manufacturers out of business and effectively enact a ban on new firearms.

The anti-gun movement loves to use the dead bodies of innocents to fuel their rhetoric. Also, they make sickening claims about anyone who disagrees with them, claiming they do not care about the lives of innocent children.

In answer to that, the CDC has found that defensive uses of firearms in the United States ranges from 300,000 to 3 million. This data is hard to quantify, but even the lowest estimate proves that firearm ownership saves more people than it kills.

What do you think, is the second amendment absolute? Should the government apply legislative consistency on age limits? Should assault weapons be banned? Are firearm manufacturer liable for deaths stemming from their products? Let us know in the comments below.

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67 comments on “The Dishonest Contention Of The Anti-Gun Movement: Rehashing Old Policy Ideas, Lies, And Bad Analogies”

  1. The most pertinent section of the 2nd amendment is proof of its absolution. The Right of the people to keep an bare Arms ; shall not be infringed.

  2. "The Second Amendment is not absolute." Joe Biden

    Well Mr. biden, I've got a news flash for you. Your statement is pure unadulterated BS. The Second Amendment IS absolute, and no matter how many new laws you pass to restrict gun ownership, you still aren't going to be able to stop crimes involving guns until you START PERMANENTLY INCARCERATING THOSE WHO COMMIT CRIMES WITH GUNS!!

    1. I agree with you 100%, however you fell for the carve out of 'gun violence'. The Left wants everyone to focus on 'gun violence' as opposed to 'violence'. Why are gunshot deaths worth more to the Left than, oh I don't know, say people killed by a guy driving an SUV through a Christmas parade?
      Answer: They don't care if you die, only if you've been shot to death. Hypocrites!

      1. I have made $100 every hour in one day.That was my ideal day in my life and my boss was very content with me..CNN is additionally intrigued from my work and is very happy..check further subtleties by open the underneath

      2. They don't care if you die. They want you to die because then they can ask for more money for whatever stupid idea they come up with to control you further. It used to be more money for more guns for the Stasi they control. Now it is for this project or that project. You are a means to their ends.

      3. Yeah. During a time of depopulating the planet why would they care if we're murdered? There'd be fewer of us for the government to worry about. Yep. Hypocrites!

  3. The 2nd Amendment is crystal clear! "shall not be infringed" is not a statement open to Democrat/Slave Owner/ KKK/Communist Party interpretation. "Molon Labe" demo-slime!

    1. In other words the right to bear arms is not to be hindered in any way. Apparently the democrats have a comprehension problem.

  4. the Left has been trying to take our Protection away from the US Citizens for a very long time because they CANNOT control an Armed Population, once the guns are gone so are all of our rights and the Constitution is dead. I wouldn't doubt for a second that these school children killings are set up by the left to make us all feel bad and gladly give up all of our guns so WE the law abiding Gun owners won't go out and kill a lot of people. the LEFT wants nothing more than the POWER to control every moment of our lives. The Left/DemonRat party is nothing but communist and they have been since the days of FDR .

    1. Agreed my thoughts exactly always happens around elections 3-4 mass shootings in a row so that they can say republicans don’t care about Gun violence all lies. You want reasonable gun control…the majority of mass shooting are committed by democrats….if your democrat don’t even bother applying!GFYS!

    2. Agreed my thoughts exactly always happens around elections 3-4 mass shootings in a row so that they can say republicans don’t care about Gun violence all lies. You want reasonable gun control…the majority of mass shooting are committed by democrats….if your democrat don’t even bother applying!

    3. Dear Mark, you are right on it, the left is trying to do anything and everything to disarm the people so communism can become our form of government. They are so evil that they may be involved secretly promoting these shootings in selected areas and conditions. These people are pure evil, to obtain power at all cost.

  5. let's just say it was the stupid Americans that voted for that total idiot as the commander in chief that means every stupid Ameican that voted democrat. is responsible for the death of all who died or were injured by mass shooting you are the people that must bear the pain of America you have put together a group of morons who get rich at you expense, to kill who the hell they like, get rid of the dems and you will save many more lives, than you have lost while dems have been in charge.

    1. Agree I buried my brother(or you yours) last week murdered by the vile democrats manufactured bioweapon known as Covid….Gain of Function research funded by democrats then discontinued for optic purpose because of dangers of that type of research only to be continued in Obama era by fauci and a bio lab research center funding it! How many more have to die… democrats do not care if your rep/dem they are after all of us whether you comply with their way of life they have planned for you or not. I buried my Brother last week …..Don’t let the next be yours…Stop the democrats! Vote them all out from office for life as they done to my brother’s life for life!

      1. Covid--Chinese labs--Bribe money funneled to the Biden Crime family--Democrat compatibility with Chinese attempts to rule the world,along with the WEF Nazis pushing world slavery speaks of a leftist Party devoted to the destruction of our "Constitutional Republic" and Americans unique freedoms! Destroy the Democrat/KKK/Slave Owner/Communist Party today!!

      2. And now we learn they are experimenting with Monkey Pox too ! Which segment of the population is this to target ?

    2. Harry the thing is No one voted for him, well maybe some democrat idiots. But the 2020 election was stolen and everyone knows it. Watch 2000 mules. All proof is in that film they have it all now we just need a DOJ that hasn’t been corrupted to prosecute all involved. So with that I believe nothing will be done as all DOJ’s have been corrupted. Their is not an honest person left in our government.

  6. The second amendment has nothing to do with guns, specifically. The second amendment...."A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". Our founding fathers understood that power corrupts.... absolute power corrupts absolutely. It wasn't much of a stretch to assume that some of our elected officials, at all levels of government, up to and including the President of the United States, could abuse the power given to them. The second amendment was added to the Bill of Right to protect us, the citizens, from that government. The right to bear arms would include any weapons necessary to give a formed militia, that power.

    1. Yes!! That does include cannons, tanks, machine guns, mortars, anti tank,and anti air missiles,etc. In other words, the founders meant for we {so far} free citizens to be armed in parity to regular forces.

  7. Well I think it is time to try this tyrant for his crimes against the Oath he took to protect the Constitution. Actually it’s time to gather all the tyrants in Washington DC because every single one of them have broken their oath to protect and serve we the people and protect the Constitution. These are the exact tyrants that our forefathers have warned us about. No more games it is time for all law enforcement to do their Job and arrest all tyrants in Washington DC. Go get them all and round them up. Remember all you police officers swore an Oath now We The People demand you do your job! Biden just committed treason for those words he spoke about the second amendment see the fact is it clearly states shall not be infringed upon. Obiden you are not above the law none of you are. So I say one more time all law enforcement do your job don’t be scared of these corrupt politicians I ask you to arrest all the tyrants this needs to happen or we will not have a country anymore is this what you all want? Not me I want my GOD given rights of my freedoms and pursuit of happiness. Also I ask you go after all corruption including the UN with them committing crimes against America and humanity

    1. Yep. They're chosen to represent us. They are supposed to vote our wishes. Instead they vote how they want. No one gave them consent to "vote their conscience". Where did that garbage come from??? And they think there's nothing their constituents can do about it. Well what I'm going to do about it is keep my money instead of donating to RINOS. Let's see what they do when all of us do the same.

  8. The very fact that guns exist in such quantity (and quality) in America scares the bejesus out of our enemies! If in fact anyone would try to invade our shores, at least 3 million emboldened gunned and trained civilians would stop them from behind every bolder!!

    1. I believe the very point you make was considered by the Japanese after Pearl Harbor and they decided not to invade the west coast for the very reasons you stated. I also have heard that the American "war plan" included giving up our western states (California) and making our defensive stand at the Sierra mountains.

    2. If the left likes Ukraines citizen resistance, then wait until these bastar-s meet American resistance to government assaults on free people.

  9. Bidon believes the Constitution is subject to circumstances and must be arbitrated by "guardians." He is in defiance of the "Republic."

  10. It is important to remember that the Democraps want to lower the voting age to 16 because they think they can benefit from that, but want to raise the purchase of a rifle to 21 because they want to infringe on the 2nd Amendment.
    When will the mental midgets on the Democrap side of the aisle get this issue straight? Just what part of infringed don't you understand???
    With the chronic lies from the moron in the WH and democrap BS, it is going to be a sweep in November for Conservatives.
    There should be a law that states that all the Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights if any moron tries to violate then that6 moron SHALL be evicted from congress.

  11. If just one of the uvalde teachers had been armed; it might of made a difference in the out come of that mass murders.

    1. Yes. I find it odd that police there were on the scene for over an hour and did not take the shooter out. He was given plenty of time apparently uninterrupted to kill all those kids. Why? It's just one more thing that makes me agree with an earlier poster. I believe the democrats are setting up these shootings to drive home their point about guns.

  12. Bit by bit render the civilians incapable of protecting themselves, to speak their minds freely and openly that seems to be Biden's and the democrats goal!

  13. It's intersting to note that the party which is by far the softest on crime and punishment is also the one pushing for the harshest gun control, under the guise of preventing horrible crimes. Figure that one out.

  14. I totally give up on Americans, they are so stupid. Most do not understand you get what you vote for. The LIBS want to tear this country down, if they go after peoples guns. It may get torn down more than they expected. Any one who votes democratic are stupid fucking commies.

  15. Age consistency is a must for reliable enforcement.
    If "assault weapons" are banned, very little will change. If someone wants to kill, they will find a way. How about the guy who used his car to plow into a parade of innocents? How about the Boston Marathon bombing? Golf clubs, pipes, baseball bats... You get the picture.
    As for holding gun manufacturer liable for deaths caused by their products, when manufacturers of ANY product that is used to kill are held universally liable to the SAME STANDARD, Then maybe there can be a discussion.

  16. Just how many time is it going to be demonstrated that governments that disarm the citizens go on to commit atrocities agains their citizens? The liberals, aka, democrats are out to continue the tradition of socialist and communist governments. We will not let them win.

    1. I can remember when Australia, and New Zealand, and Canada were free countries, until the citizens allowed themselves to give up their guns,and their freedom all at the same time. Cuba 1959--"Guns,who needs them? when you have us to protect you?" Fidel Castro

  17. the 1st amendment has been infringed, you can't say whatever you want without offending someone. if the second amendment is abolished, what next? right to a fair trial?

  18. One cannot be delusion about the second Amendment as the Demon-crats, fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted beliefs about the country. How will the democrats collect all the guns in this country. It's not going to happen. Tell me, how will this happen when another delusion person go on a rampage? We need guns to protect our own families.

  19. If the Second Amendment is not absolute, where does that leave the "Bill of Rights"? It's time to stop the lies and knee jerk responses. Why is there no mention of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York all of whom have the toughest firearm laws in the country. How many murders are committed using hand guns? New laws will change nothing. However, rigorous enforcement of our current laws most likely will.
    What ever happened to action equals consequence? If there are no consequences for firearm based crimes we see what we have today. Remember, Morality cannot be legislated and evil follows no laws.

  20. You want FACTS Saigone Joe The Only Areas Effected by NO GUNS are the Gun Free Zones that have Killed Hundreds, so check YOUR Misinformed Facts!! Seems NO ONE CARES about the Gun Toting Gangs in Chicago, like her FAKE CRIME GRAB from the ONES SHE HIRED!!

  21. ASK yourself WHO let that Gun Man in that Open Door, How did he know only that DOOR WAS OPEN, WHY ARE the Police Holding BACK information, How Come Screwsome Newsome gave a New Brief WAY, WAY BEFORE THESE ANGELS were killed???? Many Unanswered and NO ANSWERS YET??? Sounds very SUSPICIOUS FROM the LEFT SIDE of CRIME???

  22. Its in the wording wake up American and beware of those that are trying to take our only protection against criminals, anti Americans and yes our govt. They want to leave us defenceless so they can control us so they get what they turn this country into a socialist country

  23. Firearm manufacturer are not liable for deaths. Leftist are using this and other schemes to take control of their wrap notion of gun control. Assault weapons are used for recreation. Gun dealers may require letters of verification of sanity issued by medical and psychologists in order to purchase an assault weapon or any weapon. This costly process is not fool proof. Everyone should carry a gun for protection is a better method, and even this will not stop anger and killing.

  24. I tol my congress men , ( I vote 2A) & so should they. It is time to make congress listen to us, if they don't vote against them at midterms

  25. For all 2nd amendment activists from both sides. Remember the very old adage; "IF GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS. Before you huff 'n puff, criminals don't buy their guns legally, they either steal them or buy stolen guns.
    Gun crimes in countries where firearms are outlawed have increasing problems with firearm offenses, using illegally imported, firearms stolen stolen from authorized users, usually politicians. Protect yourself, your family, and your country by obeying the 2nd.

  26. I'm tired of this government. They do nothing but punish the American Citizens for the government failures. The have done nothing constructive, made America a joke. This is all due to the inhabitant of the white house. He is a week, mean, and cowardly bully that has no leadership skills and thinks on of himself. His mental health health has degraded to a state that he is no longer fit to govern this nation.

  27. If the 2nd amendment was never absolute, why does it say " The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED?

  28. My last post about the Middleton, NJ mayor, city council and district school board hiring armed retired Law Enforcement officers to patrol the school grounds mysteriously vanished and am probably wasting my energy voicing my opinion on this topic but will any way.

    Founding Fathers definition of a well regulated militia was anyone trained to fire a firearm in resistance against an oppressive government or foreign invaders that did not mean the Reserves nor the National Guard, the only reason they wish to infringe on the right of law abiding citizens to bear arms is because their goal is to enslave for their Globalist masters.

  29. Cho Bai den is an imbecile. He is not the one running the show. The 2nd amendment contains the word "ARMS". Arms do not just mean guns. Arms are guns, knives, swords, Cannon etc. He must have been in the Bathouse being serviced by Barrack during that Constitutional law class day. We all know Barrack liked to service old white men. Shall not be infringed means what it says. Seems absolute to me. The Secret Service detail for this village idiot must hate to going to work everyday.

  30. Look we refuse to think most shootings e mass are committed by people with mental problems and the hard fact is their families see this and are aware these people need help but won’t do it as they don’t want the family to be seen as having a child or teen with a mental problem. Guns will set years not shooting anything until some person grabs it and pulls the trigger then it’s condemned as the gun did it but the loon who pulled the trigger is not to blame. We must have more mental checks families must when knowing one of them has a mental problem go to a doctor to get this person help otherwise we will have a huge mental problem on our hands. Many mental problems do come from those using drugs so we must stop the inflow of drugs from the cartel and those illegals, by the thousands coming across the border gifted by devilrats for a vote and their want of having less of one race,white and more of no whites to get a huge grab at socialism, where many run from their homeland due to socialism. They in turn will NOT vote for socialism here. Devilrats are pushing what they fell will empower the more but will find it is truly the opposite,UNEP’s the cartels have the greater number of illegals

  31. Yes the Second Amendment is absolute. The reason for the Second Amendment is the government that we currently face. The Biden Admin is pushing Tyranny on we the people. The Second Amendment doesn't have anything to do with hunting. When it was written, if you lived outside of town, it was much easier to shoot your dinner than to go into town and buy it. A lot less expensive as well. If you are too daft to read and understand what the Second Amendment says, these are the critical words that MUST be addressed; SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! For those with limited English capacity, the word Shall, in this instance, means that you can NOT change this. EVER.

  32. I would like to inform you of some very important facts that may not be apparent.
    The term "gun violence" should never be used by a pro 2A writer, pundit or debator be abuse it is a false, Left-Wing propaganda generated shiney object that got your undivided attention. People are murdered with many other objects that are not guns at all, but you will find no Left-Wing mention for these victims, however they are just as dead as gunshot victims!
    In addition, they always point to 'gun violence' as the go-to statistic that is presented as proof. There is a problem. When the guns were taken in the UK and Australia in 1997, the 'gun deaths/gun violence' number fell to near zero overnight, but the murder rate never showed a precipitous drop at all! The murderers weren't detered by the lack of firearms, they just used another object. No lives were saved. This also proves the Left's contention that "if guns are removed from Society, then the murders that would have been committed with those guns will not occur" as false: if say for example you have a 'gun deaths' total annual number of 150 and an all murder annual number of 300, the missing 150 gun deaths will show as a 150 murder reduction in the total number of murders. You can express it as per capital, or in decimals, but the same drop would happen if the Left were correct but it didn't happen. Not only that but it was proven false in two REAL WORLD actual acid tests, note that this is vastly different than a drill, opinion or study. It happened for real and the violent crime numbers for rape, armed robbery, assault, etc. got much higher. The UK recently reported 350,000 stabbings in 2.5 years.
    You might like to check out my numbers and then write about these facts. I have more, will correspond if you wish.

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