America's Skyrocketing Gas Prices Forcing Reduction Of Emergency Services

Last updated June 16, 2022

In the face of America's skyrocketing gas prices, Police Departments are being forced to reduce patrols. This is a direct result of the increased cost of fuel, which has put a strain on almost everyone's budget.

Police operations rely heavily on vehicles and with gas prices nearly $2 per gallon higher than just one year ago, many departments are having to make tough decisions.

Unfortunately, some departments are reducing patrols which means there will be fewer officers on the streets. This will likely lead to an increase in crime in a country already reeling from record high crime rates.

Law Enforcement departments aren't the only public safety agencies reducing operation in the face of gas prices. Fire departments, emergency medical services, and other critical departments are all feeling the pinch.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration seems to be living in a completely different reality from everyday Americans, claiming that the country is experiencing an "economic boom".

While it's unlikely that the current administration can flip a switch and magically fix the surging gasoline prices, rapid inflation, and other economic woes. However, they are making a lot of bad decisions that are only going to make things worse.

Either way, another surge in crime plus the reduction of other emergency services is likely to make people even more unhappy with Joe Biden.

What do you think, what can the current administration do to make things better? Is it their fault we are experiencing the most painful "economic boom" of recent decades? Let us know in the comments below.

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26 comments on “America's Skyrocketing Gas Prices Forcing Reduction Of Emergency Services”

  1. The only thing the current administration can do to make things better is resign, and that goes for most Democrats and all RINO Republicans too.

  2. The problems we face today were not an accident, they were planed, it is part of the Dem agenda, and personally I think Biden is delusional.

    1. Exactly We needed Donald Trump but they rigged it for Biden. A shame. Well he and that administration is the Devils workshop

  3. I buried my brother(or you yours) last week murdered by the vile democrats manufactured bioweapon known as Covid….Gain of Function research funded by democrats then discontinued for optic purpose because of dangers of that type of research only to be continued in Obama era by fauci and a bio lab Eco Health alliance research center funding it! How many more have to die… democrats do not care if your rep/dem they are after all of us whether you comply with their way of life they have planned for you or not. I buried my Brother last week …..Don’t let the next be yours…Stop the democrats! Vote them all out from office for life as they done to my brother’s life… for life

  4. “economic boom” to Biden is everyone losing their life savings and being dependent on the government. That way they can control everything in your life.
    First thing that needs to be done is to win control of the House and Senate back...and what was it they said from day 1 of President Trumps term.... IMPEACH THE @:ther @$ck”r

    1. No, we, as " America", will not. Read UN Agenda 21, 2030, & the Bible. The America of our Founders has been dead since 1913. Weare just now, in large par, catching on to that fact.

  5. People who commit crimes need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions, until they are crime will continue and get much worse.

    1. Theywill be, along with all those unrepentant, & unredeemed sinners who stand in rebellion against Yhwh God. That's what this is really all about.

  6. This has a sinister look of a strong person in the back ground running the show through the mouth of the President. The Democratic Party is rift with corrupt power hungry people who for some reason want this country to collapse.

    1. I read that Susan Rice is running this circus. She is Joe's puppeteer, she is his ear and mouth piece. I'm sure Obama and others are a large part of it also. But the article I read said Susan is with Joe almost 24/7 telling him what to do and say. I hope more is published about her part. She and Obama hate America.

  7. This is by intent, not by accident. The PTB have to crash the current economy to force their NWO, including its 1 world economy/ 1 world religion/ 1 world gov't on all of humanity. Since they WANT some 7 1/2 billionof us DEAD, they couldn't care less about the famines, job losses due to inability get to work, the deaths due to failing services & risingviolent crime rates. UNDERSTAND this: it's NOT just happening here, & our "gov't" is not doing it; the orders are coming from OFF shore, & to ALL gov't puppets, globally! What we say falls on deaf ears & demonically seared consciences, to whom it means NOTHING! This agenda WILL play out! Yhwh God also intends it, as part of His judgment executed against sinful humanity. There is MUCH WORSE to come, & those responsible for this will pay as well. Think Noah's flood, without the water, but a very high death toll, none the less. Only those who are redeemed will be protected in this, because they are not appointed to judgment; so if you have not been "right" with Yhwh God, now is the time!

  8. To me, it looks like the President is against the American People. Best Englishman England ever had.
    Closed down Pipeline, Failed to remove Excise tax on Gas to help lower cost.
    Has tried to undo everything America stands for....
    I, for one think that he should be recalled from office along with a certain woman representative.
    But these are just my thoughts.
    As always each of you readers are entitled to your opinions as well.

  9. Let's see if the resident of the White House will take credit for putting all Citizens of America in danger. It's been established that he is not running the country, and the Vice president is also not capable. It is time for a bipartisan solution of the problem. What Congress does now will affect your eligibility (decided by the voters) to serve or not,

  10. Biden was only put into the WH to push,those items the like of Ovomit and Soros feel will see America fold. He is a dementia old fool with mini powers so his pushers can become winners and Ovomit the dictator

  11. And now tell me how we can feel sorry about the cops not being on the road !!! They pull over someone maybe for speeding and you have 15 damn cops blocking the road to give a 80 year woman a ticket. That just make to damn much sence . Besides that fact that the police and this tyrannical commie government regime are more less one in the same. Birds of a feather . One is just as communist as the other. They are still take food out of the mouths of children with fines and the fines they impose on people that act like everyone has a 200.000 $ a year job. I bet right now you can go to Walmart close your eyes and walk until you bump into some one you ask them if a cop pulled you over and for some reason the fine was going to be 1,000 $ if they would have enough to get out of jail. They want you to be broke that is a life altering . And not one of those bastards give a damn. And now when these shortages come about hard gas is bad enough but food and you have no money you are supposed to sit there and watch your child starve to death because of that worthless commumist in our Whitehouse. Go to if you steal food . From a place like Walmart that has over priced for years everything the sell is at least at a 300% markup but oh boy we save you money ----- my ass. Places like Walmart. Kroger is only thinking of one thing greed stealing your money but there is no price control of these places these places are protected by communist laws. It's ok for them to steal from you but you better not steal from them. You shut your mouth sit down and watch your child starve to death and these leftest idiots are crying about abortions and the law they are trying to pass only gives the state the power to chose. And biden and thugs kill millions and that's ok and you sit down and starve to death as well that food is for the rich not you you peasant.

  12. Put Trump back in the Whitehouse where he belongs. He won, they lost, so they did what all creeps do, they stole the election and installed dip & shit there to wreak havoc on America. Public hangings for them to show we mean business. Democratic party has never done anything good or right for America, acid bath it. Turn back to God and save America. Research will prove what I've said to be true, for all the lazy troolls.

  13. There’s no shortage of fossil fuels on this country but when our government forces foreign oil on the population we don’t always get it. The desert in the western States has a huge amount of oil under it. Texas was one of the biggest oil fields in the world.

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