Major Cities Police Department Budgets Slashed, All See Violent Crime Spikes

 April 5, 2021

Across the nation, activists, politicians, and celebrities have repeatedly called for the defunding and even the dismantling of police departments, mainly as a response to officer-involved shootings. As a result, police departments in major cities have seen their funding shift in the last year, some dropping by millions of dollars.

The knee-jerk reaction of reallocating police funds to social services programs without a firm plan in place has had an unintended but foreseeable consequence- a sharp rise in crime.

Department Changes

As crucial funding is diverted into social programs, police departments in metropolises such as Los Angles, New York City, Austin, Minneapolis, and Portland have been trying to make do with less. Though they try to keep as many officers on the streets, it is just not possible for some.

This has led to tough budgeting calls. Departments have had to lay off officers, discontinue training courses, or choose to reduce their yearly hiring plan.

The recent movement is only partially responsible for these significant cities' budgetary issues. Many of the departments have expected to receive slightly lower funding than previous years due to the pandemic. However, in many cases, receiving a smaller budget does not mean that there is less work to be done.

Crime Spike

While an increase in crime has been prevalent in all of these cities, it has not been across the board. According to Fox News's information, the upturn is only in violent crimes like murder.

In Minneapolis, budgets were slashed in July of 2020. Since then, homicide rates have gone up 49 percent, with 58 murders up from 39.

Before their budget cuts, Portland, Oregon, had fairly low crime stats registering 17 murders from July 2019 to February 2020. However, from July 2020 to February 2021, the city had 63 homicides, a 270 percent increase.

New York City was another who cut their police budgets and saw a climb in their crime. Murders only had a slight increase. However, shootings climbed 40 percent over the previous year, with 39 percent more shooting victims.

Los Angeles City Council culled $150 million from its department's budget bringing staffing to a 10-year low. Los Angeles has had 77 murders, up 28 percent over last year, with shootings up to 303 from 157 last year.

Reality Check

Cities need their officers to protect them from violent criminals. It is no surprise that almost every city that significantly reduced its department's budget has a rise in crime. It is now open season for violent offenders.

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25 comments on “Major Cities Police Department Budgets Slashed, All See Violent Crime Spikes”

  1. This is another reason why the 2nd amendment is so important what dose the every day working person do he can’t call the police he has no protection and voice left in his community the polititions refuse to act on the public’s behalf you must protect yourself with what ever means nessessary especially in there homes .

  2. all the people that lost loved ones should sue the cities. the government first and formost should protect its people. it seems that the dems dont want to do that.

    1. Thank you to all the stupid people who voted to defund the police, wait until you people need them, hope they are too busy. Biden is taking care of antifa and BLM, the police can't interfere you are on your own. Doesn't that make you feel good for you and your family.


  4. Biden and the Democrats do not care about the American People. Look at all thee towns and Citys that the Democrats run. They let the Riots go on and on and destroy their business , homes, cars and even lives. All these places are run by Democrats. They do not care about you or America .

  5. Vote for more democrats and more citys and Towns will be destroyed. Defund Police and they wonder why their is more riots .

  6. This is disgraceful and disgusting people afraid to walk the streets I think the democrats have actually ruined our cities ny. Chicago alive. Oregon wash. Terrible some needs held accountable. Now

  7. The only ones wanting money for policemen are crooks! Free loaders and thugs. Why not? Sure helps them! Normal people and families want and need police protection but policemen need protection to do their jobs and not get killed or maimed in the process. Wake up America! Get your police refunded, trained, have proper equipment. Otherwise don’t come crying when you’re robbed, beaten or killed due to no police presence.

  8. But who is getting killed & where? Is it innocent civilians in their homes/work/play, or gang-bangers in their ‘hood? Maybe going back to DOA Reward posters as in the old West might have some merit...! Worked then..

  9. This is communism at its best. Destroy all they can. Thank you demo crats. Your doing the dirty work for China, Iran, and Russia.

  10. Stupid liberals,but I feel for the people that the liberals are hurting.Its time to get the real AMERICA back.

  11. The euphrates is drying up and while they didle about trying to erase our history as a Christian nation The rest of the world are lining up to destroy our country read Revelations and know the Lord is coming soon

  12. Biden is the most pathetic person ever to be in the White House. He can’t even climb a staircase. His voice who never got one vote is a laughing stock all around the world. Can’t wait till she speaks to netinyaho. He will laugh her under the ugly pant suits she wears. God save us from satan.

  13. The old west had some laws that were undisputable - harsh, but fair !!! Now what do you have other than a bunch of reckless punks terrorizing the streets !!! Police do a fine job with what they have to do it with - defund the democrats first and foremost not the police forces !!! If you wear a uniform I'm proud of you !!! Those that are undercover, God be with you !!! I'm fortunate to live in a well policed area - I thank them everyday - I know they don't hear it, but, our police force is great !!!

  14. It should not take a genius to figure out that where the idiot dems have defunded and demoralized the police, crime has increased. You think it takes a genius to figure this out. Criminals now think they are untouchable. When are sane people going to vote these idiots out and support our police.

  15. The people who keep voting for these Demonrats shouldn't say a damn word! They'll continue to vote for these idiots, just because they're Demonrat! They don't care who they hurt or what they do!

  16. The Police are the only thing keeping the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites alive. GO ahead remove all the police and the killing of liberal dem scum starts

  17. Doesn't it appear obvious that crime increases when there is no-one to stop it? Goodness gracious dems!

  18. This is what happens when the DEMS/RINOS are in control, and the sheep still are in love with the awful things they do..........

  19. Hmmm...We all can see the common thread here, which is that the Democrat party,in power for the moment,is who are causing the destruction of our beautiful AMERICA. This destruction is happening from within, by our own citizens! Now, if that isnt a good enough reason for a reclaim of decency, what would be? Our enemies are sitting back with their legs up eating popcorn and smiling! Glad I'm old, and lived most my life back when being a patriot was respected and people were better than the liberal trash ruining democracy and the country. Those good people made America the greatest democracy in the world. Even an animal doesnt shlt in it's own home...just liberals do!

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