Army Dentist Singlehandedly Takes Out Nearly A Hundred Enemy Combatants

 June 17, 2021

Benjamin Saloman was used to fighting for what he believed in. As a young man, he battles to get into the University of Southern California's dental program. Many universities had a limit of how many Jewish applicants they would accept, but Saloman did it.

In 1937 he graduated and felt called to join the army, mostly because of how Jewish people were being treated in Europe. He attempted to join the Canadian and the American armies, however, both rejected him.

Finally Off to War

Since neither would take him, he launched a rather successful practice in Beverly Hills. His clients included Hollywood types and aspiring actors. In 1940, he was drafted into the army and began his career as a private.

Even though he was highly educated, he threw himself into the training, becoming a successful machine gunner. He assisted those in the barracks with their dental needs by administering free checkups and cleanings.

In 1942, the army pulled him into the dental corps. Salomon did not want to go. Instead he wanted to stay with the machine gun team as a sergeant. The army denied his request.

He went with the 27th Infantry Division to the Pacific Theater. The battalion surgeon was injured in the Mariana Island campaign, so Salomon filled in until a replacement was sent over.

Brutal Attacks

On July 7, 1944, a Japanese commander ordered suicide attacks with a goal of 10 deaths each. Salomon was taking care of a patient when he spotted his first attacker. A Japanese man came out of a bush bayoneting wounded soldiers who were waiting to be treated.

Salomon took matters into his own hands, grabbing the gun and shooting the man, returning to his patient. However, more came. Salomon bayoneted one and shot the second attacker. Still more came. Salomon proceeded to fight, shooting, bayoneting, knifing, and eventually headbutting four attackers.

He knew they could not keep treating the inured men there. He ordered medics to help the injured out of the area and provided them with cover. While the Americans withdrew, no one had contact with Salomon for 15 hours. When the American forces took back the territory, they found Salomon dead on a machine gun with 76 enemy soldiers dead around him.

While the initial bid for his Medal of Honor was rejected, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush, who presented to an ardent supporter, Dr. Robert West.

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20 comments on “Army Dentist Singlehandedly Takes Out Nearly A Hundred Enemy Combatants”

  1. Our youth today do not know the bravery of a true hero. Well done Benjamin - God’s good and faithful servant.

    1. Let's be honest, today's youth (in general) are snowflakes that would rather be like the French and give our enemies our country rather than fight for our freedoms. As long as you give them the free stuff they want, they don't care about freedom. They don't even see how this is just another form of slavery.

  2. Yep the government's heads has always been to big to notice someone's efforts and when they did notice they wanted the credit for it.

  3. Play those shoot em up videos and then go out and shoot a defenseless person is all these youths know today about anything don’t even know what a hero is.

    1. Add honor to that! Some women have never been taught honor either. This could begin in school using President’s day by telling about Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhauer, etc. History is full of men and women who have placed themselves in danger for the greater good.
      I met a hero from the Korean War. His platoon found themselves behind enemy lines and all were killed by the enemy except his Captain and himself. When the Captain was hit he put him over his shoulder and ran several miles to safety behind our lines. It was only then that he found out that his Captain had been instantly killed and he was saving a dead man.
      This is a true hero. He paid for that heroism tho. He had PTSD. Couldn’t stay married. I have often wondered what happened to him through the years.

  4. Bring back the draft. Build up our Military. Forget lying Joe and his cronies. We need our Military more now than ever as our Nation is being attacked from within. Some of these little thugs that like to shoot weapons and kill need some good, real training and put on the front lines. They can shoot all the bad guys they want. Not realistic i know, but i get so frustrated with these people killing for the heck of it.
    People, if we turn our Nation and our citizens back to our reliable, loving leader, Jesus Christ, we are a totally lost civilization. Think about it. Pray, pray, pray as you have never prayed before or ever. God is in control. amen

    1. Quote from President Ronald Reagan which is as true today as it was yesterday!
      "If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under"

    1. Actually we do Barbara. We STILL have real heroes in our military but unfortunately we don't hear of them too often. Instead we hear of all the misfits and losers that are sent through our military. The reason, simple, Americans for the most part have lost their way Spiritually and Nationally. Many do not appreciate being an American and have the 'me first' attitude. I am a Veteran, (Vietnam), and know for a fact that we had many heroes running around doing selfless acts but the public did not want to hear about it. WE in the military did and it gave us a sense of pride and anger towards the Civilians that cussed us and called us names.

      1. AMEN and people turn their backs on those MEN that fought in Nam and we're treated like dirt when they came home the hippies used to call them different names but most where drafted that was the turn of this country down fall because people were getting greedy making money on that war they had got GOD AND PRAYER OUT OF THE SCHOOLS BY THEN. Then the teaching started to change to what is going on now if it feels good then do it attitude came in and respect started to go now we have spwned moral decay like all the great society's of the world and Satan has a great hold on this Country and the Americans it's time to get on your knees and repent for the spirit of what this nation was founded on GOD and freedom oh how we have failed thank you all that have served. "GOD BLESS" THE AMERICAN GOD BELIEVING PATRIOT.

  5. Love Your site, everyone needs to hear these stories! Cause they sure don’t teach it in schools no more! God Bless our Veterans! God Bless America!
    Vietnam Veteran

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