Army Special Operator Who Died In Kabul Still Would Have Deployed If He Knew What Was Coming, Wife Says

One of the 13 soldiers who died in the suicide bombing in Kabul was Ryan Knauss, an Army Special Operator. His wife, Alena Knauss, said she sent him a text letting him know everyone was worried and to text back when he could.

Alena said on CNN Anderson Cooper 360, "We know now, he wasn't okay."

Joining The Army

Knauss went into the Army in May of 2016. In 2017, he deployed to Afghanistan. He completed his Psychological Operations Qualification Course and was assigned to the 8th Psychological Operations Group.

Knauss had received many awards and medals, including the Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, the Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, and National Defense Service Medal. 

In the Army press release, Col. Jeremy Mushtare, his commander, wrote, "(Knauss) was the embodiment of an Army Special Operations Forces soldier. A testament to the professionalism of the non-commissioned officer corps, and a steadfast husband and teammate."

On A Personal Level

On Cooper, his wife Alena gave more details about her husband. She said Ryan had wanted to be in the military since the second grade.

“He was just so brilliant. He could have done whatever he wanted, but he wanted to serve his country.” 

Alena Knauss

The two went to different high schools, but they met when he walked into her work one day. From then on, she knew that they would be together.

Alena loved him with all she had. "People say that the cupcake phase or the honeymoon phase ends. And it did not for us, which I am so grateful for.”

News Of The Explosion

When the world first heard about the explosion, Alena got a call from her mother-in-law, who worried for Ryan. Alena told her she would text him and that she should not be worried.

“So I sent him a text. And it was the last text I sent him, and it was along the lines of, ‘Hey, I love you. I know you’re busy, but when you get the chance, everyone’s worried so just let me know you’re okay.’” 

Alena Knauss

Unfortunately, the response to her text never came. She soon found out why. Though she said, Ryan was "doing what he wanted to be doing."

“And if he would have known the outcome, he would have still done it. Because it was the ultimate sacrifice that he could give for his country.” 

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