Corrections Officer Saves Child

 September 10, 2020

Heroes belong to many different professions. They are especially to be lauded when they preserve life outside their normal responsibilities.

We know why this happens... those who walk the thin line between order and chaos are highly attuned to dangerous situations. They quickly respond to situations around them and often preserve life while doing so.

Take Officer Al Huhta for example. A Corrections Officer from Houghton County, Michigan, recently saved a toddler's life:

Al Huhta was working with a crew around 11 a.m. on June 30 at L’ Anse Bay Waterfront Park when a 1-year-old girl ran from her home and toward the water.

Huhta ran after the girl but she managed to reach the water and slip below the surface, the sheriff’s office reports. Huhta pulled her from the water and brought her back to shore.


Many people witness an emergency situation and freeze. Or maybe they do their duty and call 911. But every so often, they run towards the danger and prevent a tragedy.

Officer Huhta is just such a man! We salute his quick actions and thank him for protecting his community.

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