F1 Fighter Jet Crashes Near Retirement Community in Arizona

A Mirage F1 fighter jet from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona crashed into a desert field not far from a retirement community Thursday. The pilot, who was about 15 miles away from the installation, ejected from the aircraft, according to a statement from the base.

The plane crashed near the Sun City Festival neighborhood, a retirement community in Buckeye, Arizona. The pilot was not injured in the crash.

A local by the name of Andy Timmerman witnessed the crash and offered the pilot water once it was safe to approach.

"We were worried about the pilot,... The plane wasn't making any noise before it crashed, and then I saw the parachute. I'm just relieved he was OK."

This isn't the first time military aircraft have crashed in the area. At least 3 other similar incidents have occurred since 1999.

Military officials haven't released any information about the cause of the crash yet, but an investigation is underway.

Here is some awesome footage of the Mirage F1 in action:

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