Firefighter Honors Kid Battling Cancer - I'm Not Crying, You're Crying!

By Ethan Cole on
 November 30, 2021

Elliot Slocum, 6, became a firefighter over the weekend at Wilmington Fire Station 6. The little boy has been fighting cancer for two years, visiting the hospital every day for pre-b acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, also known as bone cancer.

Living His Dream

As he stood there waiting, he asked his mom, Grace, 44, "Are all those people there for me?" She said, "He's really fixated on firetrucks and firefighters. I know he loved it and thought it was amazing. He still asks me when he can go back to the fire station."

Elliott's cancer has gone into remission, and he was finally able to go back to school at Olive B. Loss Elementary School. However, it is his first time around a lot of people since June 2019.

According to Grace Slocum, when he began school, he informed the guidance counselor that he wanted to be a firefighter. Second-grade teacher Erin McCullin knew she needed to do something for him.

McCullin's Brother, Bobby McCullin, is a Wilmington firefighter, and Erin arranged for Elliot to meet him. But the firefighters had something else in store for the little boys' visit. They gathered 50 firefighters and prepared to welcome Elliot as a firefighter.

Elliot was given patches and stickers from each station, a fire jacket, and a helmet. Then, when he rode in the firetruck, dispatch congratulated him on his promotion to honorary firefighter.

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5 comments on “Firefighter Honors Kid Battling Cancer - I'm Not Crying, You're Crying!”

  1. What a wonderful thing for these firefighters to do! Elliot will remember this for the rest of his life, and I hope his life is LONG! Thanks to all these firefighters!

  2. What a great story for a tough little guy who has been through a terrible ordeal. The firefighters performed a wonderful service to this little boy.

  3. Woo hoo Elliott! Or should I say fireman Elliott 😊.. what a wonderful group of friends you have. God's blessings on you all.

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