Tennessee Firefighter Nominated For 2020 Heroes Award

First responders are generally men and women of high caliber, willing to run into danger in service of others. No matter the danger, they answer the call when others cry out.

Firefighter Lieutenant Greg Smith is just such a man. Recently, he was rewarded one of several 2020 First Responder Hero awards by the American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee.

Following a devastating natural disaster, Lieutenant Smith and fellow firefighter Miller immediately began search and rescue. They bravely evacuated people to emergency shelter, all while rendering medical aid to the injured.

While conducting these rescue efforts, the men found a woman with a badly injured leg. Under extreme pressure, they stabilized her injury. Next, with the aid of police officers, they carried her over a mile to a waiting ambulance. After the victim was safely way, the men returned to the disaster area and worked tirelessly until relieved hours later.

The letter of recommendation for Lieutenant Smith talks about his leadership ability. He is a constant pillar of strength among his peers as they work through tough, emotional scenes on a daily basis.

Everyone he works with speaks of his tremendous kindness and compassion even in the midst of tragic personal trial. His wife is now fighting a second bout with cancer, but Smith always has a positive attitude and influence on those around him.

Lt. Smith has many attributes that make him worthy of awards on their own merit: his work ethic, his honesty and fairness, his attention to detail, his kindness and genuine compassion, and his infectious driving spirit of hope. These are not just character traits he tries to emulate. They are attributes that are part of his true character.


Lieutenant Greg Smith is a hero among men. He epitomizes what it means to walk the thin lines between order and chaos. We salute his service and pray for his wife to win once more in her battle against cancer!


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