Foreign Operatives Posing as Civilians to Infiltrate US Military Sites

 May 17, 2024

Chinese spies and Iranian terrorists are posing as DoorDash drivers to get onto U.S. military bases.

A top lawmaker revealed to the Daily Mail that China and other adversaries are using innovative methods to infiltrate sensitive U.S. military sites.

A recent revelation from lawmaker Rep. Glenn Grothman spotlights how foreign nationals, including Chinese and Iranians, often disguised as everyday civilians, have been targeting sensitive U.S. military sites for espionage.

Espionage At The Southern U.S. Border

Last year, attempts by Chinese nationals to enter American military bases reached approximately 100 instances. Several masqueraded as tourists or food delivery drivers to avoid drawing suspicion.

Rep. Glenn Grothman, a Wisconsin Republican, detailed how these undercover endeavors are part of a broader strategy by not only China but also Iran, Russia, and various Middle Eastern terrorist groups. They exploit the openness of U.S. borders to gather intelligence and possibly prepare for hostile acts against the nation.

In a notable case from March, a Chinese national was detained after illegally entering the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California. This individual refused to leave the highly secure facility, hinting at possible motives beyond mere trespassing.

Diverse Methods of Spying Reported

Moreover, reports indicate that these operatives have adapted sophisticated tools such as drones to surveil their targets. Grothman emphasized the significant uptick in such activities, suggesting a more aggressive stance in recent years compared to the past.

The methods of espionage have diversified, from deploying drones for better aerial views to posing as food delivery personnel. Some infiltrators use their positions to wander close to or directly into the heart of America’s military prowess.

Commenting on the issue, Rep. Glenn Grothman said:

There have been reports that off of our military bases ... that we have had foreign nationals here taking pictures and recording what’s going on. They maybe getting jobs as DoorDash or something or other and then poking around, seeing what they can find out.

Another significant area of concern is the U.S.-Mexico border. The number of non-Hispanic foreign nationals, particularly Chinese, crossing into the U.S. has surged drastically, raising suspicions about their intentions.

Increased Border Crossings Linked to Espionage

Customs and Border Protection has arrested nearly 25,000 Chinese nationals since last October alone. According to Border Patrol officials, such unusual increases in figures are alarming and indicative of a potentially larger espionage operation.

This rise coincides with some of these nationals being directed by their governments to observe and gather data on U.S. military installations. Grothman articulated the gravity of the situation, linking it directly with national security.

The House is scheduled to hold a classified hearing to investigate these incidents further and uncover the full extent of foreign espionage efforts on U.S. soil.

Operatives Gearing Towards Espionage

Operatives have been discovered surveying locations such as Cape Canaveral and military bases close to national landmarks, including White Sands National Park in New Mexico. These activities highlight the deliberate nature of reconnaissance efforts by these nations.

Beyond mere surveillance, there exists a clear intent to understand and potentially disrupt the military capabilities of the U.S. This intention aligns with past espionage patterns observed globally where nations prepare for contingencies that might include conflicts.

As these incidents accumulate, the urgency of strengthening surveillance and security around national defense assets becomes paramount. It’s not just about monitoring who comes into the country but also about understanding the implications of their actions on national security.


The infiltration of U.S. military sites by foreign nationals posing as civilians showcases a growing trend in espionage that compromises national security. These operatives, often from China, Iran, and Russia, have employed varied methods such as disguise and advanced technology to gather intelligence. The upcoming classified congressional hearing aims to address these issues and strengthen defenses against such covert operations, reinforcing the security of the nation's most sensitive sites.

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