Military General Opens Up About Drone Incursions And Chinese Migrants At Border

 March 15, 2024

An alarming trend has been detected at the United States' frontier with Mexico, drawing attention from the nation's defense apparatus and raising eyebrows among those concerned with homeland security.

A report from Fox News revealed that top officials at the Pentagon have noticed a dramatic increase in drone sightings over the US-Mexico border, with these incidents reaching into the thousands.

There has also been a noticeable rise in the number of Chinese nationals entering the United States from South America, which could threaten national security.

A Startling Revelation of Drone Incursions and Border Concerns

Sen. Ted Budd, R-N.C., during a Senate hearing, sought insights from Generals Gregory M. Guillot and Laura J. Richardson regarding these critical issues. Gen. Gregory M. Guillot, who assumed leadership last month, described his astonishment at the sheer volume of drone incursions he encountered upon taking charge.

"The number of incursions was alarming to me as I took command last month," he stated. Though vast in number, these incidents have not yet presented a direct risk to homeland defense, a fact that provides a small measure of relief amidst the growing concerns.

"I don't know the actual number – I don't think anybody does – but it's in the thousands," Gen. Guillot disclosed, providing a rough estimate that more than 1,000 drone incursions could occur monthly. Such a high figure underscores the gravity of the situation, as drones could potentially be used for surveillance or other nefarious purposes.

Gen. Guillot's engagement with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Justice reflects a concerted effort to tackle these incursions. Nevertheless, the challenges do not end with drone activity. The General has turned his attention to another pressing issue: the influx of Chinese nationals at the southern border, many of whom traverse South America to reach the United States.

Chinese Nationals at the Border Raise Counterintelligence Fears

During his visit to the southern border, Gen. Guillot held discussions with agents on the ground and leadership to gauge the situation firsthand. "The number of Chinese that are coming across the border is a big concern of mine," he remarked, indicating the complexity of the challenge. Among the concerns voiced by Gen. Guillot, the potential for counterintelligence operatives to hide among the migrants stands out as a particularly worrying possibility.

The General articulates his apprehension regarding these Chinese migrants, highlighting the dangers posed by their concentration in specific areas along the border.

What concerns me most about specifically the Chinese migrants is – one, that they're so centralized in one location on the border. And two is while many may be political refugees, other explanations, the ability for counterintelligence to hide in plain sight in those numbers.

Intelligence agencies have been vigilant, consistently briefing headquarters about the presence of individuals of Chinese origin at the border. This level of engagement reflects an acute awareness of the potential for espionage and its threat to national security.

A Complex Security Landscape at the Southern Frontier

The narrative woven by recent revelations from the Pentagon underlines a multifaceted security challenge at the United States' southern border.

Drone incursions, surpassing the threshold of thousands, paint a picture not just of technological intrusion but of a more profound vulnerability that requires immediate and decisive action.

Parallel to this, the specter of counterintelligence threats, embodied in the movement of Chinese nationals across the border, adds another layer to the national security puzzle.


The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border represents a complex security concern characterized by thousands of drone incursions and the emergence of Chinese nationals as a significant counterintelligence threat.

Senior Pentagon officials, including Gen. Gregory M. Guillot, have signaled these issues as top priorities, underlining the importance of a coordinated response involving Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Justice, and intelligence agencies to safeguard national security.

As the United States grapples with these challenges, the role of surveillance technology and international migration flows in homeland defense continues to evolve, necessitating vigilant oversight and innovative solutions.

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