Houthi Drone Destroyed By U.S. Military Over Red Sea

 March 20, 2024

A significant confrontation unfolded as U.S. military forces took decisive action against Houthi threats in the Red Sea and Yemen, marking a serious escalation in regional tensions.

Fox News reported that the U.S. military's engagement with Houthi forces included the downing of drones and the destruction of unmanned vessels in self-defense amid growing concerns over navigation safety and potential threats to naval and merchant vessels.

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels launched two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from areas under their control in Yemen towards the open waters of the Red Sea. The U.S. forces, vigilant and ready, intercepted and shot down one of these drones while the fate of the other remained unclear, believed to have plunged into the marine depths.

The absence of casualties or material damage following these incidents is a testament to the effectiveness of the U.S. intervention. However, the threat to navigation and maritime security remained palpable, prompting further action by CENTCOM.

Hypersonic missile acquisition raises eyebrows

Later that day, CENTCOM took additional measures to neutralize the looming threat by destroying five unmanned surface vessels and another UAV found within Houthi territory. These pre-emptive strikes were deemed necessary to ensure the safety of both merchant and U.S. Navy vessels, safeguarding the essential principle of freedom of navigation in these international waters.

According to CENTCOM, the eradication of these potential dangers was executed in self-defense. The swift response underscored a commitment to protect naval interests and uphold international maritime security.

In parallel to the military action, a reported Houthi attack near the Gulf of Aden stirred additional concerns. Although no damage or injuries were cited, the incident added to the overall tension in the region and underscored the precarious security situation threatening maritime operations.

Community support rallies amid Ramadan

Despite the military confrontations, the Houthi movement garnered public support in Yemen, with rallies taking place in Sanaa. These gatherings, especially significant during the holy month of Ramadan, displayed a show of solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Such demonstrations, alongside aggressive military postures, including the launch of three anti-ship ballistic missiles toward the Red Sea, illustrated the complex dynamics at play. The latter event seemed particularly concerning in light of Russian state media reports about the Houthis' recent acquisition of a hypersonic missile capable of achieving speeds up to Mach 8.

A military official close to the Houthis, spoken to by RIA Novosti, shed light on this significant development, "The group’s missile forces have successfully tested a missile that is capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 8 and runs on solid fuel."


The recent events in the Red Sea and Yemen signal a startling escalation in Houthi capabilities and intentions, challenging the U.S. military and international naval operations in the area.

From the shooting down of drones to the destruction of unmanned vessels and the contentious acquisition of a hypersonic missile, these developments highlight a complex interplay of military force, technological advancement, and geopolitical tension.

As tensions simmer, the commitment of U.S. forces to safeguard maritime navigation and security underscores the ongoing challenges international efforts face to ensure peace and stability in a region fraught with conflict and innovation in warfare.

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