How US Presidents Stay Ready To Launch Nukes At A Moments Notice

 August 26, 2021

U.S. Presidents have the monumental responsibility of running the country. On top of that, they also have to be ready for the moment they may have to use our nuclear weapons to protect our country.

At The Ready

If the president is not at the White House, he has a senior military aide-de-camp guarding the Presidential Emergency Satchel. In a post-World War II world, the president had to be ready for anything to happen at any time.

When the Cuban Missile Crisis happened in 1963. President John F. Kennedy was concerned about having the ability to authorize a missile strike from anywhere in the world.

“What would I say to the Joint War Room to launch an immediate nuclear strike? How would the person who received my instructions verify them?”

President John F. Kennedy

Nuclear Solition

A 45-pound aluminum-framed black leather briefcase was created fThe Presidential Emergency Satchel became known as the nuclear football since the operational code name for a nuclear launch was Operation Dropkick.

The president doesn't launch from the case. Instead, it verifies his identity to the Pentagon. They are the ones who carry out the nuclear launch.

Bill Gulley, the former director of the White House Military Office, talked about the football in his book, "Breaking Cover."

“There are four things in the Football,” Gulley writes. “The Black Book containing the retaliatory options, a book listing classified site locations, a manila folder with eight or ten pages stapled together describing procedures for the Emergency Broadcast System, and a three-by-five inch card with authentication codes [which the president usually carries separately from the football].”

Loosing The Football

Carter found the process complicated, so he had the"biscuit" simplified. A Clinton aide said it was similar to a "Denny's Menu." Clinton forgot where he put the football the day his scandal with Monica Lewinsky hit the news.

Air Force Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson was responsible for the case. He said, "I was floored-and so was the Pentagon. It had never happened before." It wasn't Clintons only time, either. He also left it behind at NATO.

Carter lost the biscuit in his suit jacket. Reagans was thrown away in the George Washington University Hospital when he was shot in an assassination attempt.

Trump's briefcase was not allowed into Beijing's Great Hall of the People. Instead, a Chinese security official tried to take it, and a U.S. Secret Service Agent tackled him.

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26 comments on “How US Presidents Stay Ready To Launch Nukes At A Moments Notice”

  1. When someone steal something, you are bound to be caught and this is what is happening with the Biden Administration. The Election was stolen Not by Biden, but by Biden Crones and mark my word, this is only the beginning of what is going to happen with Biden Administration and Biden is going to catch Hell for it. As long as Biden is head of this thieving lying dishonest Administration, he is going to be in Holy Hell and you can take that to the bank, because he has no decent respectable honest truthful person in his Office, everyone in his Office are liars and dishonest. They don't care about Biden they are there for a show, because they don't know what to do, that is why those poor soldiers got killed today. If Biden wants to have a decent working environment, he should fired half off his staff, because they don't know what they are doing. If he doesn't , bad luck would be with him all the way.

  2. Lord have mercy on America, Joe Biden has the code to the nuclear weapons, he does not need them in his mental condition. Who will the bomb affect? I mean the chemicals will be blown by the wind so what other countries is going to be affected by it? It’s sad that I Marines and their soldiers were attacked Joe Biden should never have done what he did anybody with a brain and common sense knows you get the people out safely first and then the equipment and the military I mean I knew that much.

  3. Biden has to be the most dangerous men in the country right now! The deaths of innocent Americans and others in Afghanistan is right on his shoulders. What is sad is that Pelosi and Schumer are supporting him.
    The loss of more than a billion of our armaments is at his feet also.
    There is no plan but he saw to it that hundreds of Afghan people were saved before our own. Only one little problem. When they got to Washington they found that there were Taliban mixed in with the Afghans.
    My gosh what piece of ignorant, damaging thing will Biden think of next?
    In the meantime while all the open border, the sending of sick illegals, the prostitution, the drug dealers, are having a field day, guess what our Vice President has been reported doing??? Well tee hee Harris is in the East buying Xmas presents. How nice!

  4. Joe Biden has just cemented his legacy as the biggest CLUSTERFUCK to ever sit in the Oval Office, surpassing both Carter and Nixon. He has single handedly FUBAR'd every single thing he has even looked at beginning even before he was sworn in. Now he's got just the beginning of all the American Civilian and Military blood on his hands to proclaim his ignorant incompetence to the entire world.

    1. Yeah, but he blamed Trump just as I had predicted he would. He is just Obama II, who was an expert at blaming others for his faults and shortcomings, not to mention all of the people that he threw under the bus.

      1. Yes the Biden administration is saying on national news, that everything that's going on in the Afghanistan pull-out is Trump's fault. They are saying "Trump started the pull-out, and they are just trying to finish, & clean up Trump's mess".
        I think that the Dems thought, hey, another Trump bashing photo op. & that is about as far ahead as any of them could see. In their mind-set, however many people die, or however many billions of dollars of equipment & arms that we behind, is not their fault because Trump started all this.

    2. China Owns this old Asshole they are programming his every move. I hate this friggin Weasel his Dr old lady does real dirty things to Joeys Anus opening. That's what keeps him awake.... Stinkfinger

  5. Not to mention the fact that Pedo Joe is DISARMING AMERICA from their NOT ASSAULT WEAPONS while he left BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, drones, MISSLES, medium and heavy machine guns, ARMORED VEHICLES to the country FULL of TERRORISTS THAT WANT TO KILL EVERY AMERICAN and BURN DOWN THE ENTIRE NATION.

    1. Our great protector is just evening the odds. Arm enemies disarm Americans makes it easier to construct a one world government.


  7. Someone with a working brain, PLEASE keep that idiots finger away from the nuke button!!!!! Unless you are completely brain dead, it is clearly apparent that little joey, his whole administration, the democRATic controlled senate and house, plus the media have destroyed our great nation. It is time to stop this, not wait till the next election, but we need to stop this nonsense now. Impeachments, moratoriums on the passage of some of their ridiculously high bills, censure, WHATEVER, to stop this carnage!!!!!

    1. On the other hand, could he even read the code correctly or would someone else have to push the numbers in for him?

  8. Was also the subject of a JAG episode too a LT Bud Roberts was chosen to carry football with President then.

    1. Get him a red button from Office Depot! He won’t know the difference, but please God, don’t let him near the real thing!

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