Incredible WWII Plan To Invade Russia Revealed

 August 15, 2021

By the end of World War II, under Joseph Stalin's leadership, Russia had become one of the "Big Three." The Red Army was a reliable source of support for the Allies and put a dent in the Nazi Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front.

While the USSR put all it had into helping the allies win the war, it also took a heavy hit losing around 26.6 million people.

The Soviet Union called it "The Great Patriotic War." The 26.6 million figure sounds incredibly high. However, it includes soldiers, sailors, airmen, prisoners of war, and Soviet civilians.

Mistrust Among The Three

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was fond of Stalin and the USSR. But British Prime Minister Winston Churchhill had other feelings altogether. Churchhill did not believe that Stalin meant that the countries the Red Army saved from the Nazis would have free elections.

Instead, he was confident that Stalin would keep his army in the newly liberated countries and keep them under the control of Moscow instead of setting them free. Churchhill created the term "Iron Curtain," a phrase used to describe post-WWII Eastern Europe.

Of course, history shows that Churchhill's assumption was correct regarding Stalin's true intentions. Even though Roosevelt disagreed, Churchhill did not let his intuition go.

Back-up Plan

Churchill and the War Office crafted a plan, "Operation Unthinkable," that included the United States, England, and Germany in a surprise attack on the USSR. The attack would force them to give Germany its territory back.

He felt that the Allies plus the Polish and remaining German forces were enough to push the Soviets completely out of Poland and back into the USSR. If needed, the operation would take place on July 1, 1945.

Churchill believed that the war effort was necessary and would be swift, only taking a year or so. But for that to work, the Allies would have to make it impossible for the Russians to continue to fight.

If the Allies rescinded all of the assistance they were providing to the USSR and stopped their ability to make additional weapons, supplies, and vehicles, they could be beaten.

Churchill also thought that Russia's military force only had about a third that was battle-ready. Though, Churchill realized a battle with the USSR had the potential to go on for years. However, Churchill never had the opportunity to enact his plan.

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7 comments on “Incredible WWII Plan To Invade Russia Revealed”

  1. Prime Minister Churchill was a brilliant man! He was what England needed after Neville Chamberlain stepped down (who was an appeaser). Hitler and the Axis Powers knew that! It's important that True History be taught, as history has a way of repeating itself! The Right People need to be in charge, makes a world of difference. Sadly, it's not a priority in our public school systems anymore, seems like Socialism is to those teaching (indoctrinating) our young Americans. President Roosevelt was ill, and died before WW2 ended. Hitler and Stalin had a pact together just prior to the invasion of Poland. Both men were Socialists, until one (Germany) turned on the other (Russia). After that happened Russia became on of The Allies.

  2. We also need to understand that Roosevelt was also a Communist sympathizer and loved Stalin even though he was a mass murderer! Remember that FDR was a Democrat and basically a Socialist just like Obama and Biden and Clinton. Had FDR not died would he have given the nod to using the bomb on Japan? Would he have given Russia the plans to the Bomb? I had no use for FDR then or now and thank God Harry S. Truman ended up as his VP in his last term. Even though he was a Democrat, he was an honest man and worked to help his Country.

    1. Roosevelt and his wife were very friendly with Communism since the 1930's .
      It is no surprise that the were sympathetic towards Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union.

  3. I believe the generals, Patton and MacArthur, did not agree with FDR and wanted to 'finish' the war on the Russian front.

  4. Churchill was correct! George Patton was correct as well! Churchill made a statement after the war and said " We all slaughtered the wrong big (Germany) and he and Patton were Right. Ever since this day in 1945 America's foreign policy was and still is a disaster. IT shows you that we have very inept politicians in Washington who make the same mistakes over and over again and get payed BIG MONEY! It must be the MONEY which keeps them in DC and the people put them in power every four years! This proofs to me that the politicians are much smarter then the people in order to hold unto their jobs!

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