Indianapolis Firefighters Aggressively Attack Residential Fire

Most people have no idea what kind of situations Military and First Responders deal with. Fortunately, these days there is footage of almost everything circulating online, giving us a small glimpse.

In this situation, Firefighters responded to a residential fire after a man and his daughter noticed their roof was aflame. Fire crews arrived to heavy smoke pouring from the structure.

After an aggressive attack, Firefighters were able to get the blaze under control with only one non-critical casualty. Take a look at the Firefighters in action:

Here are some more details on the incident:

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2 comments on “Indianapolis Firefighters Aggressively Attack Residential Fire”

  1. Absolutely incredible. I don’t think anyone realizes what a tough job it is to come on a fire, not know the exact origin, work quickly, efficiently, make sure there is no chance of starting up again & save lives at the same time. All in extreme conditions! Thank you first responders❤️💕❤️I hope the firefighter recovered quickly. Pray for all of you every day❤️🙏❤️

  2. I was a firefighter for 40 years 1959 to 1999. From no SCBA t o having SCBA (1 HOUR) in the north Metro area of Atlanta, Georgia in Cobb County. In early years we like our fellow VETERAN FIREFIGHTERS where known as SMOKE EATERS; not as many deadly materials to kill us as today!! I learned the proper way to fight fires of all kind with an aggressive attack; also using 1-1/2 inch fire hose with adjustable nozzle. If fully involved interior; ventilation by windows. Then stick fire nozzle in window with high pressure ( 100 to 125 PSI ) FOG PATTERN. WATER STREAM COVERSION TO STEAM AND THE STEAM CUT OXYGEN FROM FIRE, REDUCE HEAT INSIDE, EXPELLED SMOKE AND ANY DEADLY FUMES. THUS ALLOWING ENTRY TO MOP UP AND PUT OUT HOT SPOTS OF FIRE EVEN HIDDEN.

    UNFORTUNATELY TODAY we don't see this! They either going in if just smoke & minor fire visable. If a lot of flame they go to a defensive mode; surround and drown from outside. If flames showing thru roof; it's aerial truck and deck nozzles pouring water over & into hole. Big mistake; this is natural ready made ventilation by the fire. Aerial should be use in a full involved structure where firefighter can't get in and for rescue at 3rd floor and higher. Also to stop flaming embers from catching & starting other fires.

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