Inmate Escapes Hospital in Daring Midnight Flight

 April 13, 2024

The evening of April 11, 2024, unfolded with an unexpected twist at the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center in Colorado, as 38-year-old Ronald Collier made a daring escape.

According to Daily Mail, Ronald Collier, shackled and dressed in jail attire, managed to overpower security personnel before fleeing in a stolen vehicle, prompting an extensive manhunt.

Ronald Collier, previously detained on serious allegations including First Degree Burglary and Assault in the Third Degree, found himself at the medical facility for reasons unmentioned. His escape, however, was not just a simple slip away; it involved a confrontation that saw him overpowering both a deputy and a security officer from the institution.

Officials from the Bent County Sheriff's Office elaborated on the event, saying, "On April 11, 2024, at approximately 2337 hours, Ronald Collier, aged 38, of Gillette, WY, escaped from the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center following an altercation with a Transport Deputy." This altercation set the stage for what would become a focal point of local and national attention.

The Chase Ignites with a Stolen Dodge Caravan

In the pandemonium that followed the escape, it was suspected that Collier commandeered a white 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. The vehicle, distinguished by its damaged passenger side door and a cracked rear-view window, was last seen fleeing the vicinity of the hospital. Adding to the concern was the presence of a 9mm handgun underneath the driver's seat, suggesting Collier could be armed and dangerous.

Adding to the gravity of the situation was the vehicle's reported full tank of gas and the aforementioned firearm, heightening concerns regarding the distance Collier could potentially cover and the threat he posed to public safety. This aspect transformed the search from a local effort to one of broader concern, considering the possibilities of where Collier could potentially head.

Officials revealed, "Caillier, who has ties to Colorado Springs, Greeley, and Gillette, Wyoming, is believed to have a white 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan bearing Colorado license plate BFMW09." Adding to this, the statement implored, "The public is advised that Collier is considered armed and extremely dangerous. It is strongly advised not to confront him if spotted. Instead, individuals are urged to contact local law enforcement immediately."

The immediate reaction to Collier's flight saw the deployment of an extensive search operation. Incorporating canines, drones, and thermal scanners, the law enforcement agencies involved spearheaded a meticulous search for the escaped individual. The operation's scale underscored the urgency and significance of apprehending Collier, reflecting the potential threat he posed to community safety.

A Community on Edge Leads Being Pursued

In the aftermath of the escape, the deputy and security guard who had been subjected to Collier's overpowering received medical attention for minor injuries sustained during the ordeal. The fact that they were treated and could be released speaks volumes about the intensity of the confrontation, yet also to the resilience of our first responders.

Deputy Shawn Mobley from the Otero Sheriff’s Office confirmed the prompt response by law enforcement, "The escape occurred at 11:39 pm Thursday, and officers from his force were 'on scene within minutes.'" This swift reaction highlights the dedication and readiness of our law enforcement personnel in moments of crisis.

Additionally, Mobley noted, "We're following up on a couple of leads from the community, as well." This statement illustrates the collaborative effort between the community and law enforcement, crucial in situations of this nature.


April 11, 2024, became a notable day in Colorado's history when Ronald Collier escaped custody in a way that seemed scripted from an action movie. His escape from the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center, coupled with the violent confrontation that preceded it, marks a concerning episode of defiance towards law enforcement. The subsequent theft of a vehicle, which contained a firearm, further complicates an already volatile situation.

Authorities, actively pursuing leads and employing a variety of technologies in their search, continue to caution the public against approaching Collier, deeming him dangerously armed.

The incident has undeniably sparked a cooperative effort spanning several law enforcement agencies, reflecting the severity of the threat posed by Collier. As the search continues, the community remains on high alert, hopeful for a resolution that ensures public safety and the swift apprehension of Collier.

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