Legendary Military Units: US Marine Recapture Tactics Team (RTT) - "Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action"

By Ethan Cole on
 December 31, 2021

One team within the Marine Corps does not deploy, the Recapture Tactics Team. They are a part of the Marine Corps Security Force Regiment and are stationed at Nuclear Weapon Stations and U.S. naval installations as permanent security.

RTT Functions

One of their primary functions is to handle all security threats for their stations, including the retrieval of property, personnel, and materials. Each team has breaches, shooters, and designated marksmen.

Breachers are training in multiple types of entry, which includes using explosives. In addition, shooters have specialized training for close-quarters fighting, while designated marksmen are sharpshooters who usually use M14 DMRs.

One unit is the MCSF Battalion-Kings Bay who are permanently at the Kings Bay, Florida Naval Submarine Base. The other is MCSF Battalion- Bangor in Washington. Both of these bases house ballistic nuclear missile submarines.

RTT Training

RTT members go through intense training much like the FAST members do. However, RTT training focuses on close combat and security while specializing in CQB.

Some of the training schools they attend are Close Quater Battle School, Methods of Entry, Helicopter of Rope Suspension Techniques Master Course, and Designated marksman course.

RTT members also take Basic Security Guard training and High-risk personnel training. All their training is done at the squad level, unlike the FAST teams, whose training happens at the platoon level.

They learn to react to security alerts, recapture weapons in an exclusion structure, and undergo entry training into an exclusion structure. They also train to retrieve strategic weapons in a restricted area and augment posted security forces.

These squads are highly focused and alert at all times, ready to defend their bases at the first sign of trouble.

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