Lt. John Fox Requests Artillery Strike on Himself

Lt. John Fox was an American soldier whose courageous decision would forever mark him as a hero.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a proud graduate of Wilberforce University, Fox was a committed ROTC member. He thrived under the guidance of Chief Warrant Officer Aaron R. Fisher.

Lt. John Fox's Journey to the Frontlines

Lt. John Fox's military career began with his graduation in 1940, leading him to the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Army's artillery unit.

As an African-American, he received an assignment to the 92nd Infantry Division. This unit played a crucial role in World War II.

The division, including Fox, landed in Italy and valiantly fought towards the north, participating in significant battles like the one on the Gothic Line.

November saw Fox's transfer to the 366th Infantry Regiment, retracing the steps of his mentor, Aaron Fisher.

The post-Christmas tranquility shattered when Axis forces launched a surprise attack.

As his unit retreated, Fox made a bold decision to stay behind, along with a few brave soldiers.

Fox faced the advancing Germans with unwavering resolve.

Directing artillery fire towards the enemy, he made the ultimate sacrifice by calling for the artillery to target his own position to stop the enemy's advance.

His last transmission, "Fire it," encapsulated his selfless bravery.

Legacy of Lt. John Fox

Lt. John Fox's heroic act was pivotal in allowing American forces to reclaim Sommocolonia and launch a successful counterattack.

His sacrifice led to the discovery of his body alongside eight Italian allies, amidst a hundred defeated enemy soldiers.

In recognition of his valor, the United States posthumously awarded Fox the Distinguished Service Cross in 1982. Later, in 1997, this was upgraded to the Medal of Honor.

The people of Sommocolonia honored Fox and his fallen comrades with a commemorative statue.

His legacy also lives on in popular culture, with Hasbro creating a G.I. Joe figure in his honor.

The story of Lt. John Fox is a testament to the courage and sacrifice of those who fight for freedom and justice.

His actions in World War II continue to inspire and remind us of the true cost of war and the valor of those who serve.

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10 comments on “Lt. John Fox Requests Artillery Strike on Himself”

  1. Such bravery to put himself and others in harms way. During this war many American service men disregarded their own safety to further the interests of the war effort.

  2. The American Patriot, his life burned into the Book of Heros Remembered! One of the many that gave all for the freedom of others! We must keep history alive, lest we forget.

    1. Until someone comes along, maybe even decades from now, and decides for some reason he should not be honored. Maybe because of nothing more than the hue of his skin. We as a society must move past this cultural decay we are currently in.

  3. It was a shame that they were segregated at that time because you never know who will step up on the battle field and be a hero to save others I salute you and those veterans that served so bravely in all the wars we have been engaged in.🇺🇸 "GOD BLESS" THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS🇺🇸

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