Minnesota Man Charged After Police Catch Him Working With ISIS And Planning Terrorist Attack

 February 17, 2024

A Minnesota man, Harafa Hussein Abdi, has become the focal point of significant legal scrutiny after allegedly assisting ISIS through military engagement and threatening actions toward New York City.

This harrowing narrative knits a pattern of radicalization that led him from the United States to the heart of terrorist operations in Somalia, culminating in his arrest and return to American soil.

Harafa Hussein Abdi, a 41-year-old Minneapolis resident, and U.S. citizen has been enveloped in controversy. His journey to a Somalian terror camp to receive military training marks a stark deviation from lawful conduct, casting a shadow over his past in the United States. The international operation to detain and repatriate Abdi underscores a relentless effort by security agencies to combat terrorism.

Abdi’s activities extended beyond mere participation in military drills. Armed and dangerous, he openly threatened to unleash violence on civilians in New York City. Such threats, captured in messages and an alarming photograph of Abdi clutching an assault rifle, paint a grim picture of his intentions. His involvement with ISIS' media wing, tasked with spreading terrorist propaganda, further accentuates his commitment to the radical cause.

Recordings Found

In recordings, Abdi's voice can be heard advocating for terror attacks against the US, specifically targeting New York with chilling fervor. Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen succinctly encapsulates the gravity of Abdi's transgressions, highlighting his departure from the U.S. to reinforce ISIS's barbaric ideology and engage in combat training, Daily Mail reported.

Mr. Abdi left his country to join ISIS, trained as a fighter, and actively aided the group's propaganda efforts to spread its vile ideology. The discovery of Abdi’s multimedia attempts to inspire violence includes a notorious audio clip from January 2017. Here, his words resonate with hostility and a definitive ambition to wreak havoc on New York City.

Abdi's embracing of ISIS symbolism, through distressing imagery on social media, underscores his allegiance to the extremist group. However, his eventual disillusionment with ISIS leadership, leading to his flight and subsequent capture in East Africa, begins a narrative of downfall. Facing U.S. justice, Abdi confessed to his involvement with the terror training camp and his role in crafting propaganda materials, actions now condemning him to potential decades behind bars.

Deciphering a Path of Radicalization and Retribution

Charged with formidable offenses, including providing support to a terrorist organization and engaging in military training under their directive, Abdi’s legal entanglements spell a grim future. With a potential sentence reaching up to fifty-five years, the consequences of his actions loom large. This trial represents not just an individual reckoning but a broader stance against terrorism.

Abdi's trajectory from Minneapolis to Somalia and back to the United States, albeit under arrest, draws attention to the pervasive threat of radicalization. His case underscores the international dimension of combatting extremism, requiring cooperation across borders to bring individuals to justice.

As we reflect on the distressing saga of Harafa Hussein Abdi, it becomes evident that the fight against terrorism is multifaceted. From thwarting potential attacks to dismantling propaganda networks, the role of first responders and law enforcement cannot be overstated. Their dedication ensures the safety of countless individuals and stands as a bulwark against the tide of radicalization threatening global peace.


Harafa Hussein Abdi's case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against terrorism. Charged with supporting ISIS through military training and threatening attacks, Abdi's journey from Minnesota to Somalia and back underlines the global reach of extremist ideologies.

His arrest and potential sentence emphasize the significance of international cooperation in ensuring justice and preventing acts of terror.

The unwavering efforts of first responders and law enforcement agencies in this context are commendable, underscoring their crucial role in maintaining public safety and combatting terrorism's pervasive threat.

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