Firefighters Help Woman Give Birth On Delta Flight

 August 3, 2022

Many crazy things happen on Delta airlines flights, but this time, the airline's flight ordeal was a positive thing. On the flight from Mexico to Atlanta, one of the passengers went into labor with over three hours left.

Unexpected Passenger

Liliana Castaneda Avilia was due December 23, but her little one decided it was time to make her appearance mid-flight. Liliana began having contractions on the flight from Guadalajara to Atlanta.

Thankfully, a nurse was on board the flight to assist her while she was in the back of the Delta airplane, according to CBS46.

"He was like yeah the baby girl is coming, it's on it's way, and he was like don't try to push, because if you push more the baby will come out, so i hold those contractions for like 3 hours and 30 minutes on the way here."

Liliana Castaneda Avilia

Once the plane landed, Juanetta Nash and other firefighters waiting on the ground got on the plane and helped her deliver her baby. Liliana said, "They were like, okay, are you ready to push, I'm like yeah, I'm ready to push, so I just push once, and the baby girl came out crying."

Nash said the flight attendants announced to the passengers on the plane, "Hey, we have a baby girl, and everybody started clapping." Liliana said, "Thank you to the people that were in the airplane, like the ems the fire department, everybody who helped us."

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7 comments on “Firefighters Help Woman Give Birth On Delta Flight”

  1. Newborn shouldn't be a USA citizen. This us happening more and more. Now that child is an anchor baby. No sense what this demon cRats party is doing. Vote Red.

      1. The report mentioned that the woman and her husband live in Raleigh. Nevertheless, it is not racist to note that many people abuse the anchor baby laws--right or wrong in this case.

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