Nursing Student And Off-Duty EMT Render Aid To Victim During Active Shooter Incident

Last updated: April 21, 2022

Most people cower when faced with an active shooter event. While this is a totally rational response, there are those who do the opposite and put the lives of others before their own.

The day before Easter in the Columbiana Centre Mall started off slowly and picked up speed as busy shoppers prepared for Sunday's festivities. The hustle and bustle was shattered when at least one gunman opened fire into the crowd.

Kimberly Stubbs, a nursing student and employee of No Grease Barbershop inside the mall, described the scene:

"The mall scattered. People were pulling their kids out of the play area, people were dropping food, people were dropping their wallets and took off,... Everyone was frantic."


Everyone in the barbershop sought safety until Kimberly overheard someone say "She's dead". Her instincts kicked in and she rushed to figure out what was going on despite.

A few shops away, near where the shooting had broken out, Kimberly spotted a woman on the ground. Despite the continued active shooter situation she dashed over and began to render aid.

"I could tell she was alive and said 'Thank God,'... I asked her, 'where are you hurt? Where were you shot?' And she said her leg."


Kimberly was joined by a man, later identified as an off-duty EMT, who applied a makeshift tourniquet in case of arterial bleeding. Thankfully, the wound was not deadly and the victim is expected to survive.

14 people in total were wounded, there were no fatalities in the shooting. One arrest has been made and Police are searching for two other suspected gunmen.

We salute Kimberly Stubbs and the EMT. Both of these heroes rushed to the aid of someone in need with no regard for their own safety. We need more people like them and hope you too will stand with them.

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3 comments on “Nursing Student And Off-Duty EMT Render Aid To Victim During Active Shooter Incident”

  1. Imagine if the victims were also armed. Elementary school level arithmetic tells me since terrorists die when victims shoot back and victims usually out number terrorists, we would have much less shootings. Dead terrorists do not rise from the dead to reoffend. Peace starts when the last of the evil ones are peacefully lying in their graves or in locked wards in mental hospitals.

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