NY’S Most Wanted Suspects Killed In Standoff With US Marshals

 January 26, 2024

In a dramatic culmination to a series of high-profile crimes, Shamar Leggette, a serial armed robber and New York's third most-wanted fugitive, was fatally shot by US Marshals. This incident marks the end of a manhunt that had gripped the city for months.

The confrontation occurred outside a New Jersey hotel, where Marshals attempted to arrest Leggette for his involvement in multiple armed robberies, including a notorious heist at Pastor Lamor Whitehead's church.

Shamar Leggette, 41, met his end during a tense encounter with law enforcement officers. The scene unfolded on a fateful Wednesday outside the MHO Inn and Suites in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. Leggette, known for his criminal exploits, had been on the run after committing a string of robberies. His most infamous act involved robbing Pastor Whitehead's church during a live-streamed sermon, an event that shocked the community and garnered widespread media attention.

The Heist That Shocked a Community

Leggette's criminal career included multiple stints in state prison for armed robbery. However, the 2022 heist at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, Brooklyn, brought him national infamy. Along with two accomplices, Juwan Anderson and Say-Quan Pollack, Leggette stormed the church during Pastor Whitehead's sermon, which was being live-streamed then.

The trio made away over $1 million in valuables, including Whitehead's $75,000 Rolex watch and other jewelry pieces.

The robbery was particularly brutal. Pastor Whitehead recounted how Leggette and his associates threatened his family with firearms. This included pointing a gun at the pastor's wife and their eight-month-old daughter. The ordeal was captured on camera, adding to the public shock and outrage over the crime.

A History of Violence and Crime

Leggette's criminal record was extensive and violent. Before the church robbery, he had been involved in other high-profile crimes, including the theft of former NBA player Chris Childs' $20,000 watch.

His criminal activities spanned across New York's five boroughs and even extended to Rhode Island, where he committed a shooting and robbery. His pattern of behavior showed a blatant disregard for the law and the safety of others.

On the day of the confrontation with US Marshals, officers had been waiting for Leggette to emerge from the hotel. When he did, he reportedly opened fire, leading to the fatal shooting. A woman accompanying him at the hotel surrendered to the authorities that night.

Bishop Whitehead's Remarkable Forgiveness

Following the news of Leggette's death, Pastor Lamor Whitehead, himself a controversial figure, responded with a surprising gesture of forgiveness. In a 30-minute livestream, he expressed his condolences to Leggette's family and offered to conduct his funeral service free of charge. Despite the trauma he and his family endured, Whitehead's reaction was one of compassion and forgiveness.

Whitehead said:

My condolences really go out to his family. This is a sad situation where once again, we as African American people, it's a cycle of destruction. It's so senseless. I forgive him and I do want to extend my services to the family. I would eulogize him, I will preach the service, whatever I can do in a pastor's capacity, I will do it, free of charge.

Whitehead's sentiments reflect a deep understanding of the broader societal issues at play. His willingness to forgive, despite being a direct victim of Leggette's criminal actions, speaks volumes about his character and his commitment to his faith and community.

Pastor Whitehead's Legal Troubles

In a twist to the story, Pastor Whitehead himself faces legal challenges. He is due to stand trial for fraud and extortion, facing serious charges that could result in a lengthy prison sentence.

Despite these allegations, he maintains his innocence. His past includes a two-year prison sentence for identity fraud and grand larceny, although he was released early for good behavior.

As the community reflects on these events, the contrasting lives of Leggette and Whitehead provide a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges facing urban communities in America. The events surrounding the armed robbery and its aftermath have sparked discussions on crime, justice, and redemption.

Conclusion: A Story of Crime, Justice, and Redemption

  • Shamar Leggette, a serial armed robber, was fatally shot by US Marshals in New Jersey.
  • Leggette was involved in the high-profile robbery of Pastor Lamor Whitehead's church, stealing over $1 million in valuables.
  • Pastor Whitehead, a victim of the robbery, offered forgiveness and support to Leggette's family despite his legal troubles.
  • The events highlight the ongoing challenges of crime and justice in urban America and spark a dialogue on societal issues.

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