Knifeman Shot Dead By Police Sniper After Taking Hostages At Bank Of America

By Ethan Cole on
 February 7, 2024

A quiet morning turned tragic in Fort Myers when a bank robbery attempt ended with the suspect being fatally shot by a sniper.

An attempted heist at a Bank of America branch in Fort Myers, Florida, resulted in the death of the armed perpetrator by a sniper from the Lee County Sheriff's Office SWAT team.

Officers from the Lee County Sheriff's Office rushed to the scene following reports of an ongoing armed robbery inside the city's Bank of America branch.

Chaos and Courage under Fire

Inside, terror unfolded as a young man, escalating his threats, claimed to have a bomb after leaping onto a counter. His actions progressed to taking two hostages, intensifying the situation to a critical level. Sheriff Carmine Marceno detailed the frightening ordeal, highlighting the moment the suspect put a hostage in a headlock while brandishing a knife.

Sheriff Marceno described the intense scenario:

There was a chaotic scene, we deployed all technology. A group of deputies immediately went in as dozens of people ran, they began to secure all portions of the building. Hostage negotiations began with our suspect, quickly we were face to face with a male suspect who was armed with a knife. He also claimed he had a bomb. He had two hostages at this point, and at one point he became physical. He started to put one of the hostages in a headlock and had a knife to her throat. When he presented deadly force like that our SWAT sniper shot and killed the suspect. I'm proud to say both hostages are safe.

Law Enforcement's Swift Response

The rapid development of the situation necessitated decisive action, leading to the deployment of a SWAT team and negotiators in an attempt to resolve the crisis safely. The suspect's refusal to surrender peacefully resulted in the fatal intervention by a skilled deputy sniper, who acted under the principle of protecting innocent lives.

Video evidence from the scene began circulating on social media, showcasing the urgency of the police response, including the arrival of special ops vans and SWAT personnel. Additionally, the footage captured the desperate attempts of police negotiators trying to peacefully end the encounter.

An anonymous officer was recorded appealing to the suspect, "Listen, just come out here and let me see your hands. We will work with you. I know you are going through a lot but this isn't going to make what you are going through any easier."

The conclusion of the event saw the deputy involved placed on administrative leave, a standard protocol in such situations, reaffirming the Sheriff's Office's commitment to procedure and transparency following the use of lethal force.


The attempted bank robbery in Fort Myers, Florida, resulted in the intervention of the Lee County Sheriff's Office after a young man attempted an armed heist, claiming he had a bomb and taking hostages. The stand-off ended with the suspect being fatally shot by a SWAT team sniper following his aggressive actions toward the hostages.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno confirmed the suspect's death and the safety of all hostages involved. The incident, captured and shared across social media platforms, highlights the challenges and dangers law enforcement officers face while ensuring public safety.

The aftermath of the shooting has prompted standard procedural actions, including placing the involved deputy on administrative leave pending investigation. This incident underscores the complexity and risks associated with responding to violent crimes in progress.

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