Public Opinion Sways, Americans Now Support Leaving Troops In Afghanistan

 October 10, 2021

Initially, most Americans agreed that it was time to leave Afghanistan after 20 years and trillions of dollars. Then, it happened.

Public Opinion

To say that the withdrawal was messy would be an understatement. Yet, a month later, Quinnipiac University released a poll stating that only 28 percent of Americans think that completely pulling out needed to happen.

The same poll stated that 50 percent of U.S. citizens believe some troops should have stayed in Afghanistan, while 15 percent think troops should have stayed. From a party standpoint, completely leaving the country had the support of 47 percent of Democrats, 28 percent of Independents, and 7 percent of Republicans.

Quinnipiac's polling analyst Tim Malloy stated, "Though the troops are gone, America's longest war still gnaws at the country."

“Weary of the seemingly endless conflict but wary of what was left behind, the majority of people still see boots on the ground as the firewall between a country in the grip of Western hating factions and the rest of the world.”

Tim Malloy

Shifting Opinions

In a short amount of time, the public's opinion has changed quite a bit. When the poll was taken three weeks ago, most U.S. citizens were more positive about the withdrawal. About 54 percent of those who took the poll supported the decision.

In contrast, only 41 percent of those responding to the survey felt that troops should stay in Afghanistan. The people responding to this poll also were more on board with ending the war overall.

In sharp contrast to recent numbers, 69 percent felt that the war in Afghanistan should end, while 24 percent did not agree. However, most felt that the Biden administration did not handle the withdrawal well.

The poll states that 65 percent did not approve, with 31 percent approving the strategy employed by the administration. In the end, 62 percent of those polled think troops will have to go back eventually to fight terrorism all over again.

Additional Polls

In August, Daily Wire did a similar poll with comparable results. In their poll, 45 percent approved of the withdrawal, and 39 percent did not.

Results for remaining in Afghanistan were split down the middle. Biden was blamed by 36 percent, while 21 percent held Trump accountable, and 29 percent did not fault either president.

Overall, there is a sharp shift in how Americans view our exit from Afghanistan.

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24 comments on “Public Opinion Sways, Americans Now Support Leaving Troops In Afghanistan”

  1. The withdrawal idea was good but the way the Biden administration along with the generals leadership how they executed was really bad!

  2. Agreed, whole Pullout done terrible unless pressure from China to withdraw our forces first?
    Otherwise poorly planned & executed

  3. It is not the withdrawal, it is the way it was done. We were not the only ones there. The French, the Aussies, the Afghans that helped us, etc. Biden stabbed them in the back! He also left behind our black hawks and a lot of other military equipment that will need to be replaced. Note: Maybe Biden will consider paying the over half million he owes in overdue back taxes to help pay for all of this fiasco. At least the current fiasco.

    1. BIDEN COULD HAVE THE PROVERBIAL CAT'S 9 LIVES and still come up short on time to repay. We pay the price for this senile bufoon's "executive costume party"

  4. The exit of Afghanistan was well overdue. The way the exit, or should I say abandonment, could have been performed better by a three year old playing cowboys and Indians. Everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else. Remember, when you point one finger there are three pointing back at you. Ultimately our "Supreme Military Leader" (President Magoo) called the shots and the blame rests on him. This administration is doing everything it can to destroy this country within and worldwide. This illegal regime is accomplishing just that.

    1. CurleyQ…….should join the comedy circuit. I can’t stop laughing at this comment…! Is incredibly funny..!

    2. Curly, agree totally with your comments! The Taliban couldn't have had better friends than those at the top who are now running our country! Taliban was just handed everything they could have dreamed of, like it was pre-planned to give them everything they wanted! Surprising that the American People are so complacent! One can feel the sun setting on America, with tremendous debt being increased, our energy resources being curtailed, wasteful spending, wide open borders, lack of support for "The Rule of Law", COVID19, and America's enemies getting stronger and more emboldened. Left can do anything they want in this country and they know it! Can't help but feel they are "Ruining Tomorrow Today"! Seems like they create One Crisis After Another to divide and bring this great country down!

  5. Whoever was pulling the strings on the Afghanistan affair got exactly what they wanted & expected, total chaos, & more American public division. We could have kept a base there for both diplomatic & strategic importance, just like we have a base in Cuba. We will be at war with the country of Afghanistan sometime in the near future, because our politicians HELPED the terrorists, who absolutely hate America, take over that entire country.
    We are not the worlds police force, but we WILL have to go back in, just to protect OUR OWN country (if we are still a country by then). And it will be SO much WORSE then.
    These pussies in this country (politicians & sheep-citizens) have no idea, as to just what they have set in motion.
    Hear me now !!! Innocent lives WILL be lost. It is the nature of power & power/peace struggles.
    As a species, "we will not change until, the pain of change, is less than the pain of remaining the same".

      1. OK, names it is. My opinion is that the string pullers are, George Soros & the One World Government architects.
        Influence & control are two different animals. And they have both of those animals on a leash.
        They used influence (political & economic) to get from point A to point B.
        All leading to point C which is CONTROL.
        Remember the golden rule. Not the one you were taught as a child, but the one you learned as an adult. "HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES". And the new rule is
        !!!!!!!!!!! C O M P L I A N C E !!!!!!!!!!

        This post will probably be flagged (if not deleted) because of the names I mentioned.

    1. l.W. Actually this could become much more involved and CONVENIENT for Our Traitorous Politicians: They know that the best way to "Wipe The Red Ink Off The Books" is to have a war. The pandemic is Not working fast enough for them.

  6. With Magoo Milley giving advice to Bozo Beijing Biden……a phrase in the Bible says…..”If the blind leads the blind….they all fall in the ditch.”

  7. "21% held Trump responsible???". What the hell for? He left office in 01/20/21. Why is it no matter what the hell is going on it's "TRUMP'S" fault? Give me a friggin break.

    1. Actually it was the fault of everyone who voted for Biden !!! With Trump still in the withdrawal would have been orderly and if we had to keep a small force there to keep the government stable he would have done that. He is 100 times smarter the Biden and all his handlers put together !!

    2. Trump was a Great President and The Left Despises Him For Trying To Make America Great Again, so they had to remove him! President Trump got a lot accomplished with one hand tied behind his back (most of the time), as The Left wouldn't work with him. Their were a handful of RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) who monkey wrenched some things. We all Know that in 2016 Hillary was supposed to win and do the things Biden, his administration, and the puppet masters pulling the strings wanted. It appears that they control the voting machines, have open borders for more to come and vote illegally, and overwhelm the system. This administration keeps running the debt up by trillions of dollars, they just print more money, give out more free stuff to buy votes, however there will be a day of reckoning! Nothing is free, always strings attached, and the loss of our freedoms is one price we will pay! Ever noticed how we always have one or more Crisis Situations, and how The Left Uses Them to get what they want!

  8. The way Biden decided to leave Afghanistan is the way the rest of his term will go. One disaster after another. He is a nightmare waiting to happen.

    1. Not waiting. The Nightmare is real. Now the Biden Admin has said if you protest too loudly about your children being taught to be Racist, you will be investigated and treated as a Domestic Terrorist.
      Trying to deflect from Afghan.
      'If we don't talk about it, it never happened. Throw up another shiny bit of distraction'!

  9. All he did was make the Taliban the most dangerous Islamic terrorist group in the World. He handed the middle east over to them on a silver platter. His mind is gone. Totally twisted. Propped up by the media.

  10. They found bin Laden he was executed in 2011 there was no reason to stay especially when I see a huge mural of George Floyd and LGBTQ flags both hanging in front of the $800 million US Embassy.....we were in a Muslim country ....their country, their culture....we made the same mistake after Vietnam, Biden was one who didn't want to provide the South Vietnamese with more fuel or ammo and the country fell....Considering it was Ho Chi Minh that asked Truman to come in and help him get the French out of his country it was another useless war.....the French left in 1953...stop involving our young men in stupid wars....

  11. If you remember, PRESIDENT Trump stated that they have been fighting in Afghanistan for 1000's of years, and when all the foreign troops leave, they will go back to the Tribal Warfare they've engaged in b4 the foreigners arrived.

    Granted Biden made it easier to wage Modern Warfare with the Billions of Abandoned equipment. All anyone has done by entering in Afghanistan is put a temporary stay to the infighting, as they banded together to fight the foreigners.

  12. I think leaving Afghanistan is not as much of concern as how the Biden administration did it. It did not seem that any of those directing the withdrawal knew what they were doing and completely ignored what the Trump administration had set up. It appeared there was complete chaos and lack of any care given to the Americans and pro American Afghans. It was like Biden made a decision to withdrawal and no one in the administration cared how.

  13. I dont think this was accidental by any stretch! Biden is nothing but a front man. There is an inner govt who are making all these decisions to help take this country down. This clown cant even read a teleprompter and you think he's making these decisions??? A lot of the speculation is that george sorros boy obama and others are the driving force behing the destruction of this country.

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