Running 4 Heroes: Young Man Honors Fallen First Responders In An Incredible Way

Not all the heroes honored by Thin Line News serve in the Military or as a First Responder. Some are everyday civilians go above and beyond in standing with those who stand for others.

Zechariah Cartledge , an avid long-distance runner, started the Running 4 Heroes non-profit as a way to give back, honor the fallen, and make a difference.

He is loved nation-wide by First Responder agencies. In a nation that seems less and less supportive of our heroes, Zechariah is a shining example.

Take a look at this video below of Zechariah completing one of his runs in tribute to fallen detective Luke Gross, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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9 comments on “Running 4 Heroes: Young Man Honors Fallen First Responders In An Incredible Way”

  1. This article was very inspiring. God bless the young man for his support of our military, law enforcement and first responders.

  2. It is a pleasure reading about someone, especially someone who will be a major contributor to my country's future welfare. Zechariah Cartledge deserves to be honored. He is one of a growing number of our younger generation that makes me proud to be an American!!

  3. We do have some wonderful and unselfish Youth who offer their time and energy to support those who can no longer support the rest of us! It is sad that these type of news seldom gets the recognition they deserve. It would help others to be able t enjoy a news item for a change, instead of refusing to read the news anymore, because of the awful stuff it always puts out!!

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