Anti-Police Activists, State Government Force Family Of Slain Officer To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag From Memorial

 May 25, 2022

Cleveland Police Officer David Fahey, Jr. was slain on Jan 24, 2017 while laying out traffic flares. He was struck by car while assisting with a fatal collision between a fire engine and passenger van. The driver never stopped after killing Officer Fahey, but was later arrested and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Officer Fahey was a 39 year old Navy Vet and had only served two and a half years as a Police Officer when he was killed.

David Fahey grew up in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood, graduated from St. Edward High School served in United States Navy, earned his Emergency Medical Technician certification before being appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on July 7, 2014. He followed in the footsteps of his mother and step-father, Jackie and Mark Ketterer, brother Christopher Porter, and cousin Barry Bentley. David was issued badge number 2453, which had previously been worn by his step-father when he was a patrol officer.

The Cleveland Police Museum

As he was beloved by many, there have been annual memorial events in Officer Fahey's honor. On one such occasion, the family hung a Thin Blue Line flag beneath a Memorial erected on the highway by Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

However, not long after, local news outlets reportedly complained to ODOT. The family of Officer Fahey were ordered to take the flag down, which they did. After a few months an anonymous supporter of Fahey and his family hung a new Thin Blue Line flag on the memorial. ODOT immediately reached out to the family and demanded that it be removed.

Officer Fahey's mother is especially outraged over the issue, claiming that she feels targeted by anti-Police activists.

"It is personal because if you drive along the highways, you see your political signs, you’ll see your other special interest signs that are up along the highway. Those are still there,... The loss of a child is devastating and unless you’ve been in my shoes – and there are plenty of people who have – you’ll never understand"

Jackie Ketterer, Officer Fahey's Mother

Of course, Ketterer is correct. The Thin Blue Line flag represents the commitment of men and women in Law Enforcement to stand between criminals and law-abiding citizens. This commitment stretches so far as to lay their lives down for anyone in the community.

This type of commitment should be honored and the sacrifice of Officer Fahey celebrated. But the Ohio Department of Transportation and the anti-Police activists should be ashamed of themselves.

Let us know what you think of this tragic disrespect in the comments below.

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37 comments on “Anti-Police Activists, State Government Force Family Of Slain Officer To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag From Memorial”

  1. When is this minority of our country going to stop getting their way ,They don't want police because they want the ability to control with bullying and terrorism, giving in to this is the coward's choice

    1. I agree with this response . They need to stop getting their way . Take down political signs if that is the case . Some of them offend me .

    2. They want to commit crimes with impunity; all sorts of crimes, not just bullying & terrorism.

      1. Yep and each time the biggies do this, they tear our country, their state and community down further.

    3. You hit a huge problem right on the head! We do not punish BLM for anything they have done...they have closed up businesses, burned down homes, crippled or maimed people and more...they run free to spend the millions of dollars they are acquiring however they want...not taxes paid, no inquiry as to just how legal that monetary fund is...and more...same with Antifa....I am older and not really a fighter, prefer common sense but I do believe, as with the illegals also...punishment is necessary.....and it goes beyond jail...Biden let out something like 30 felons of the worst...out of GITMO...they will commit other crimes and lo and no one gets punished except the innocent such as from January 6.

  2. I expect no less from Ohio! These idiots complain about cops but who do they call if someone robs them? Or breaks into there home ? Or God forbid one of there family members gets murdered? Who do they call every time! Only in AMERICA do people bitch about people who will DIE to protect them!!! Remember people only 3 kinds of people have given their life for you!!! Men & women in the MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, AND JESUS CHRIST!!! Americans now days take there FREEDOMS for granted, keep it up and you’ll lose them!!!!! A PROUD VETERAN & LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPORTER!

    1. Wonder how Social Workers are working out in Colorado rather than the police whom are trained in handling violence, threats, bombings and more?

  3. Police Police officers should be protected when on the road and anyone who violates such a standard like this should be prosecuted.

    1. To the fullest extent of the law and maybe further. If we would start punishing our malcontents, our biggies that think they are better than everyone it would make a difference...on a similar subject why have we not removed Biden or at least filed Treason charges against him...he is working or maybe has turning our country over to the WHO and that means our sovereignty is how I am understanding the movement of him that wrote the parameters and 190 countries at the WHO Pandemic meeting.

  4. To me that banner is protected by our constitution and should be left standing !!!!!

  5. This is not only wrong, it is insane. There is no reason why the flag should not be there.

  6. I can only hope that one of those who want the flag down, is found in need of help and the police will ignore their request and let them suffer. May they rot in hell, My company will no longer do business in Ohio.

  7. "local news outlets complained" -- WTH do they care ???? Must be more soros owned media outlets. The flag needs to be made permanent in concrete. I'd like to say what I really think of the media outlets complaining and the ODOT !!!!!!

  8. "YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will our PRETEND polititions start working FOR US instead of AGAINST US ???????????

    1. At the DC level too...seems Dr. Paul and Dr. Gosar are carrying a heavy load and getting no positive response from the others.

  9. That memorial is about Mr Fahey, NOT anyone else! If someone's knickers are in a wad, it's HIS PERSONAL problem & should not impact a memorial to a fallen officer!

    1. Wish I said that...:) absolutely a most loving, caring and right on the spot posting...Thank you!

  10. These ODOT big wigs should be very, very ashamed of what they did and the heartache they caused; to lose a child in anyway is horrific the rest of our lives...we need all the support and love from the community they are willing to give and beautiful flag is one very nice, serene way to do seems that Satan has really taken over the lead in our "service" line of employers heads...they do not stop and think, "maybe tomorrow one of my children will die in some way or for some reason."
    This young man not only served his country...and now look at our washed out military under Biden, he also was serving his community....this is a travesty, it is wrong and all involved should be thoroughly chastised in some manner...even fired.

  11. Are they out of their minds?this officer sacrificed his life for no good reason,and people have problem with his loved ones honoring him?They need professional help now!

  12. It’s the me above anyone else. When politicians and bureaucrats say it is to help Americans. Ninety- nine percent of the time. It is to help their political policies using Americans as cover. The media and donations from Soros, Zuckerberg and other elites won the election for the Democrats. Money buys elections. Not votes.

  13. Ohioans have a reputation for being overbearing and obnoxious and bullies. Had a chance for a job in Ohio but turned it down because I refused to live there. The state is overloaded with liberals. Doesn't make for a good state to live in.

  14. WHY, WHY, WHY!!WHY are we letting minority political activists rule the majority? WHY are we dishonoring a fallen officer who gave his life for his community? WHY are government officials bowing down to this kind of crowd? WHY well I'll tell you, the people who voted these inept officials are the cause of it all. When are normal everyday people going to grow up and grow a backbone? I hate to say this, and I do support honoring those who served, BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!!

    1. Well said..... I've always said this mess started in Oregon Portland I believe. When the ANTIFA first showed up they should have been thrown in jail instead of standing there while they ranted and raved. I'm appalled that those people in Ca. can go into a store and bust things up and leave with all they can carry. As long as it doesn't cross 995.00 it's okay. How does that happen?

  15. I would love to see a DNA comparison from the real{disabled} President Biden, and the currently public stand-in double, then publish the results ASAP internationally. I bet there is a "No Match" result!

  16. Name and address of the person who ordered the flag removed. We all need to write that creep,and tell them just how valuable a person they are!

  17. These activists are running this country and getting away with it. This was horrible. I fly my Thin Blue Flag and no activist dare go near it. Protected by dog, dog protected by gun. Period.

  18. When our men in blue are working to see that life in America is good and they lose their life to make it so - no one - no one should be able to negate their sacrifice. If we lost our police - then America would become like Chicago where people are killed and nothing can be done...

    1. I would take the entire memorial down, it offends me..happiness for me was seeing Ohio in the review mirror as we moved from the state. O happy days...

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