Servicemen Opens Up On UFO Crash Retrieval Program

 March 20, 2024

In an unprecedented revelation, a former British military intelligence officer has made claims that are set to redefine the boundaries of the known and the unknown.

According to Daily Mail, Franc Milburn alleges British special forces engaged in the covert retrieval of a 'non-human' craft in the late 1980s, introducing a narrative that parallels claims from across the Atlantic.

Franc Milburn, whose extensive military background lends gravitas to his assertions, stands at the center of a narrative that challenges the conventional. According to him, this operation was no ordinary mission; it involved elite units and the engagement with technology purportedly not of this world.

Milburn unveils secrets of a non-human craft recovery in England

Delving deeper into the details, Milburn recounts conversations with individuals directly involved in the operation. He spoke to a member of 'E Squadron,' a unit akin to the American CIA Special Operations Group, and RAF personnel who played pivotal roles in this secretive mission.

He told me they were deployed in a troop-sized unit, maybe 20-30 Special Forces operators, who were tasked to secure and retrieve the craft in the north of England. They established a perimeter and approached the craft. It was obvious it was non-human, and it was obvious that there were occupants who had fled the scene on foot - or whatever you call it.

The subsequent involvement of scientists and technicians in taking over the operation marks a transition from military to scientific hands, casting a veil of mystery over the ultimate fate of the craft and its occupants.

Despite Milburn's claims and the intricacies of the operation he outlines, the UK's Ministry of Defence maintains a stance of unawareness regarding any such salvage operations. Yet, UAP and advisories on interception tactics are notably acknowledged within defense intelligence archives, complicating the narrative.

Evidential support and the quest for transparency

The broader context of Milburn's revelations aligns with a history of military encounters with unexplained aerial phenomena. Notable among these are the experiences of British military pilots in the 1990s and corroborative accounts from former US Air Force pilots Major Milton Torres and Major George Filer III, who recall orders to engage with similar crafts over UK airspace in previous decades.

Claims extend beyond the shores of the UK, implicating the CIA in operations centered around UFO crash retrievals well into the 21st century. Anonymous sources support these assertions cited to know these covert missions, painting a global canvas of intrigue and secrecy.

Milburn's reasons for bringing these claims to light transcend the desire to acknowledge these events alone. He argues for consolidating UAP programs under a unified command to accelerate scientific advancement before global competitors potentially gain the upper hand.

In response to inquiries regarding the veracity of extraterrestrial technology presence via UAP sightings, the Pentagon's UFO investigation unit unequivocally states its findings negate such conclusions. Yet, the absence of confirmed evidence has hardly quelled the fervor for answers among enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

A narrative that challenges, demands, and questions

The unfolding of Franc Milburn's account opens a Pandora's box of questions regarding national security, the scope of human understanding, and the potential for non-human interaction. His narrative reminds him of the persistent human quest for knowledge and the complexities entwined within secrets kept for decades.

Combined, the details pieced together from Milburn's claims, historical accounts of UAP encounters, and the ambiguous stance of defense departments paint a picture of a world teeming with mysteries yet to be unveiled. At the heart of this are first responders and military personnel, whose bravery and commitment to duty propel them into encounters that surpass the ordinary, often bearing the weight of secrets that challenge the very fabric of reality.


Franc Milburn's assertions tie into a broader historical narrative of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena, spanning decades and involving multiple nations and secretive units. Despite official denials and a lack of public evidence confirming the extraterrestrial origin of these occurrences, the compelling nature of these accounts keeps the conversation about non-human technology and its potential impacts on humanity very much alive.

The bravery and professionalism of those involved in these operations reflect a commitment to duty that transcends the extraordinary nature of their missions, reminding us of the unwavering courage of our first responders in the face of the unknown.

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