Special Forces Medic Renders aid to Wounded Soldier

By Ethan Cole on
 November 25, 2023

Any special forces medic is considered one of the finest first-response/trauma medical technicians in the world.

Take a look at this video of a special forces medic in action:


More About the Army Special Forces Medic

Army Special Forces medics, also known as 18Ds, are an elite group of soldiers specially trained to provide medical care for Special Forces teams operating in remote and dangerous environments.

Their skills go far beyond that of a typical military medic.

Special Forces medics undergo nearly two years of intensive training in advanced emergency medicine, trauma care, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and preventive medicine.

They are experts at providing care under fire and stabilizing critically wounded patients for transport.

These specialized medics are also trained for unconventional warfare. They have knowledge of radiology, sanitation, lab technology, anesthesia, and surgery so they can establish basic hospital services in the field.

Special Forces medics are proficient in weapons handling as they may need to fight while treating casualties.

When deployed with an Operational Detachment Alpha team, the 18D medic oversees the health and medical readiness of the entire team.

They perform physical exams, manage medical supplies, offer medical advice, and coordinate medical evacuations.

During high-risk missions, they are responsible for delivering lifesaving interventions to wounded team members, local military allies, and civilians alike.

Army Special Forces medics are versatile medical professionals who operate with immense autonomy and undertake challenging missions in the harshest conditions.

Their advanced skill set and selfless commitment to others make them indispensable members of the Special Forces team.

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2 comments on “Special Forces Medic Renders aid to Wounded Soldier”

  1. If anyone remembers, under Obama it was stated that people in Military were there because they could do nothing else. As retired military, NOT TRUE. I could have left & made more money. I liked standing for FREEDOM.

  2. My combat lifesaver saved my life the day I was blown-up in Iraq just outside of Baghdad Int'l Airport standing on the ground buried in a culvert below me; 2×120mm anti-tank rounds wired to a cell phone.
    Thanks to GOD my Savior, my combat life saver and the professionalism of my men, I am here today to tell of it!

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