The Bosnian War: a Brutal, Forgotten Conflict

In 1991, the Soviet Union was fracturing, and Yugoslavia, a federation of six countries, was also falling apart. As communism was replaced by nationalism, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia declared independence, leading to wars in Slovenia and Croatia. Serbia and Montenegro attempted to become the successor state to Yugoslavia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina faced internal divisions among Bosniaks, Christian Serbs, and Croats. In 1992, Bosnia held an independence vote, with Bosniaks largely in favor, and Bosnian Serbs declaring their own state within Bosnia, called Republika Srpska.

The Bosnian War began in earnest when Slobodan Milosevic, a Serbian nationalist leader, recognized Republika Srpska. As the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army launched offensives in Bosnia, Bosniaks and Croats formed an alliance to protect their independence, but were initially outmatched by the Serb forces. The UN attempted to negotiate peace and impose sanctions, but the situation worsened as the alliance between Bosniaks and Croats fell apart, leading to a war within a war. NATO enforced a no-fly zone and established safe zones, but failed to prevent ethnic cleansing and violence on the ground.

In 1995, the US pursued a new strategy, including plans for the UN to withdraw from Bosnia and NATO to protect the region. The US proposed a peace plan that divided Bosnia into two entities, one for Serbs and one for Bosniaks. With international support, the balance of power shifted, and the Serbs returned to the negotiating table. In December 1995, the Dayton Accords were signed, which established the modern borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The war left around 100,000 people dead and millions displaced, and the memory of the conflict still affects the region today.


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2 comments on “The Bosnian War: a Brutal, Forgotten Conflict”

  1. Liars Yugoslavia just myseriously collapsed . I bei it would not have if the United States and Germany kept their bombers out of Yugoslavia . In Yugoslavia the largest ethnic group was kicked out over 1/2 their country .>ach minority was incouraged to seek independence which lead to the removal of all orthodox christians the largest ethnic group and the most peaceful of all yugoslav people .

    1. Imagine if somebody brought this kind of freedom and democracy to the USA and split us up into several countries We could have a black country made of several states , we could have a latino country made of several states .maybe even a indian state or two .All the anglican white people could controle maybe 1/2 the states . This kind of changes do not ordinarily happen . But outside forces with a lot bombers can move borders and people any where they want them . This is the kind of freedom and democracy we brought to Yugoslavia . Of course some people are happy , but a country was destroyed and yugoslavs are much weaker .

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