The Pentagon's Version Of The Kabul Disaster Doesn't Line Up With Military Eyewitness Accounts

Many reports have come out of the Afghanistan evacuation from both civilian and military sources. In addition, the U.S. military photographers took over 1,0000 photographs and 60 videos throughout the ordeal.

However, a Marine shot footage far from the government-sanctioned side of the withdrawal that the military photographers know how to capture.

Withdrawl Reality

Military photographers show an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. The military is adept at filtering everything through a specific scope, not show anything with swearing, smoking, and never any deaths.

Military journalist Kelsey Atherton said, "It is easy to get a pulse on what story the military hopes to tell by looking at what images and videos it produces."

Atherton also said that the images from Afghanistan have the “same outward look of calm present in the ‘Afghanistan Withdrawal’ images, of calm established by military order. However, the reality of this war — its rapid end and live aftermath —  is missing."

"There’s nothing here about the drones used for a ‘self-defense unmanned over-the-horizon airstrike,’ the euphemism given by the Pentagon for an attack on a suspected suicide bomber. That attack reportedly killed ten civilians, including six children.”

Kelsey Atherson

Military Errors

Some people were surprised to see pictures of the 13 soldiers who died in the bombing being loaded onto a plane. It turns out that the pictures were not even supposed to be there.

According to Army Lt. Col. Karen Roxberry, "These photos were posted in error and have been removed from DVIDS. They are provided to the next of kin with the footage from the dignified transfer at Dover [Air Force Base].”

Even though the images that make it show a specific image, they are real. None are staged, but they do only show half of the story.

Complete Picture

One Marine from the 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment posted an eight-minute video that he shot and edited himself to social media. The video shows the unabridged version of the conflict.

He filmed it all using his GoPro. Cpl. Mike Markland wrote on Instagram, " I hope this answers questions but also provokes you to ask more."

His video showed real people in real conditions. "We did our absolute best and remained stoic through the sleepless nights and round-the-clock work with minimal food and water. Staying up for two or more days straight at a time grinding but remaining intensely vigilant.”

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