U.S. Boots on the Ground in Ukraine - Here's What we Know so far

 November 3, 2022

A popular headline today is "Boots on the ground in Ukraine". Of course, this is a scary thing to hear about, but what is actually happening? Keep reading to get the highlights of what's going on.

American Weapons in Ukraine

The United States has provided over 22,000 weapons to Ukraine that require special oversight. It appears that the Biden administration failed to put in place infrastructure for this oversight.

According to the Washington Post, only about 10% of the weapons requiring special oversight in Ukraine have been inspected by U.S. monitors. This leaves almost 20,000 high-powered weapons like the Stinger surface-to-air missiles and Javelin antitank missiles unaccounted for.

The problem here is that these weapons are considered high-risk for diversion, which means they could be stolen and misused by agents hostile to the United States.

As you can imagine, next generation anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles in the hands of those hostile to American national security is not a good thing.

The biggest concern at the moment is that American weaponry will be captured by Russian forces and smuggled out of the country. This has already happened with small arms, though it is unknown if any special weaponry has yet been stolen or moved across borders.

Unfortunately, with the poor handling of oversight of these special weapons, it is unlikely that U.S. will gain 100% accountability. This is especially true considering the "super hot" nature of the conflict in Ukraine.

Much of the weaponry has been used or lost in military engagements and thus will never be fully accounted for. Hopefully the Biden administration can get a handle on things going forward and these "boots on the ground" are just monitors for the weaponry.

Misdirection or Truth

While it's entirely possible that the alleged U.S. forces on the ground in Ukraine are just monitors for the special weapons, it's also possible that this is only partially true.

"The best lies always contain a grain of truth."

Joakim Palmkvist

While we may never know the full truth of this, it's important to consider the facts we do know.

To start with, the CIA got it all wrong back in February. They were confident that Putin's military would wipe the floor with Ukraine. This explains a lot of the early caution about getting involved in the conflict. However, in hindsight, the CIA's intel was clearly wrong.

The biggest thing they missed was how weak the Russian military really is. Weakened by corruption and stagnation, the Russian forces failed to gain the upper hand. Instead, they got bogged down and revealed to the world their true state.

Secondly, as far as we know, the Biden administration pulled all clandestine forces from Ukraine at the outset of the invasion. This decision was based on the CIA's prediction that Russia would quickly dominate their prey.

Of course, as we now know, this never happened and since Ukraine has effectively resisted the invasion and exposed how weak the Russian's really are, it is believed that U.S. clandestine forces have been sent back in.

The greatest indicator of this is the CIA claiming to be a factor in recent Ukraine victories. This may be nothing more than a weak attempt to downplay their previous failures, but most likely both things are true: the CIA has boots on the ground and they have played a part in Ukraine's victories against Russia.

What Happens Next

There is little doubt that the United States is now committed to assisting with the Ukraine war effort. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, only time will tell.

"There is a much larger presence of both CIA and U.S. special operations personnel and resources in Ukraine than there were at the time of the Russian invasion in February"

Current and former intelligence officials

While it's good news that the Russian military is significantly weaker than once thought, this does raise the concern that Putin may resort to escalation on a global scale.

Considering his Eurasianist worldview, Putin believes the west is an existential threat to mankind. This is no minor threat, especially because he allegedly controls nuclear weapons.

We can only hope that U.S. intelligence is also wrong about his nuclear capability, though that is unlikely.

What do you think, should the U.S. continue with boots on the ground in Ukraine? Is this truly just an accountability mission, or something bigger? Is Putin a threat to the west, or just his own country? Let us know in the comments below.

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13 comments on “U.S. Boots on the Ground in Ukraine - Here's What we Know so far”

  1. Hey Putin, Biden and the Democrats have Declared War on you. You and your Troops,need to hold them accountable. We Republicans are Not to blame. First thing to do is take Zelenskyy OUT. Then you know were the Democrats live. Follow the Money.


    1. Remember Sec of defense Austin and Joint chief Milley both dumb idiots, said that Russia would win the war in three days, and here it is over 9 months later with them losing ground. Makes you wonder where these idiots, got there info from, if we rely on these two, we are totally screwed.

  3. This shows once more that the Biden Administration has not gotten anything right since he took power. Very dangerous situation, but we do need to help as it is clearly not in our best interest to have Russia take over Ukraine and all their natural resources, and agricultural production, and so forth. It would make them stronger and help their economy. Who knows if Putin would really go nuclear, but a definite threat given his indifference about how many people get killed in his attempt to take over Ukraine, and if he did use nukes in any way, it would set off a chain that could destroy the earth as Russian allies would join the fray and we and our allies would have to respond in kind. Very disturbing.

  4. We should NEVER allow high tech-highly secure weapons systems to be on the ground without proper training and maintenance as well as the tightest security measures to safeguard these weapons. . Brandon has given away there farm as far as I am concerned. Additionally he left 50 plus billion worth of our finest weapons and systems on the ground in Afghanistan. Totally unacceptable.

    Go Republicans Go.

  5. Definitely the west can't cross its arms and do nothing. If Putin brought into this unnecessary war the Iranian's Kamikaze drones and along with it some Iranians Boots to manage those weapons why should be wrong for us to use the same war tactic to combat an injustice war and a treat to our way of life. Those whom appease Putin are traitors to our Democracy. Dictators can not get a blank check when they commit atrocities. If you are an American an this time oppose military and tactic weaponry and support of all kinds to Ukraine, them you are acting against the interest of our way of life therefore acting against USA interests.

  6. Do NOT send our troops there. Brandon has made this a war between him and Putin. No more millions/billions for Ukraine. After the election Brandon has propesed sending another 4 billion to Ukraine. NO and no soldiers. We cannot afford to lose any lives nor the financial cost of this.

  7. Don't underestimate the Russian Bear, Putin has not even begun to fight, and hasn't comitted any overwhelming force to date against Ukraine. He is smart like a fox, and the U.S. leadership are the chickens in the Biden hen house.

  8. I thought Congress had to vote on any of Boots on ground war activities. When did
    the President start wars & decide on his
    own to place the United States 🇺🇸 in a
    war with Russia?

  9. This pathetic,lying,corrupt,administration, now, has put us as another target in another war we don't belong in.This senile,lying,racist,frail,old,puppet fool, has done so much damage in America, and now in Ukraine.They have no foreign policy, what so ever,just fly by night.They are a danger to all of us,that's why we need a red wave to save America.Puppet joe needs to go.

  10. All I have to say is this. You guys best not create a deal where my grand children and nephews are placed in harms way. If you do hell has no fury compared to what will happen. You want to go to war? Suit up! you old fart and go to the front lines, we as a country have allowed old dick heads like you guys get away with this stuff for way to long. You are not going to be allowed harm our best and brightest again.

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