U.S. Launches Airstrikes In Ongoing Battle To Retake Syria Prison From Islamic State Group

 January 26, 2022

For those who think the US Military is out of the middle east, think again. While the US has indeed pulled out of Afghanistan, there are still many troops in the sandbox.

This was demonstrated over the weekend as US forces spent their time reinforcing an ongoing battle to recapture a prison in northern Syria from Islamic State group fighters.

The attack on the prison, which is located in the Kurdish-held city of Hasakah, began on Jan. 20 with a series of car bombings. This caused a riot by detainees that were being held at the prison complex.

The prison is thought to be the largest in northern Syria, and it currently holds nearly 3,500 ISIS prisoners.

It is unclear how many casualties were suffered as a result of the attack, but it is known that US airstrikes were called in to help retake the prison.

This isn't the first time US troops have been involved in an operation to retake this prison from ISIS fighters. A previous attempt was made back in December of last year, but it was unsuccessful.

It will be interesting to see if US forces are able to retake the prison this time around and, if they are successful, what kind of impact that will have on the overall fight against ISIS.

Check out the Tweets below with footage from the battle:


What do you think, should the US Military be assisting against ISI in Syria? Let us know in the comments.

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5 comments on “U.S. Launches Airstrikes In Ongoing Battle To Retake Syria Prison From Islamic State Group”

  1. Smart move, just bomb the prison, removing all of the problems !!!!!! No prison and 3500 isis person's to fight over, plus you take out more isis fighters !!!!! WIN, WIN

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