US Military And Allies Launch Joint Training Exercise In Response To Growing Chinese Assertiveness

 May 22, 2021

Tensions on the world stage are running high, as China continues their aggressive moves. If China continues to be assertive, countries around the world may need to work together to step in.

Training Day

In Southern Japan , troops from Japan, United States and France came together on a remote island to train. While on the island, the troops practiced a scenario of an enemy invasion.

The drills are a part of strengthening military ties due to concerns with the Chinese in the area. There were 200 troops involved in the training exercise.

The French Army, U.S. Marine Corps and Japanese soldiers also did an urbane warfare drill, getting them prepared for all scenarios.

According to the Marine Times, in Saturday's drills, Australia joined the other three countries with 11 warships. The drill focused on naval maneuvers in the East China Sea.

Much Needed Practice

Japan has growing concerns with the Chinese presence in their waters and near the Senkaku Islands. At the end of WWII, Japan's constitution gave them little use of military action for defense.

Recently, Japan has built it's military expanding its budget and capabilities. The Japanese recognized how important it was that France joined in on the exercises.

β€œIt was a valuable opportunity for the Japanese Self-Defense Force to maintain and strengthen its strategic capability necessary to defend our remote islands. Together we were able to show to the rest of the world our commitment in defending Japanese land, territorial seas, and airspace.”

Vice Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama

France holds control over territory in the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. Strategically, the region is significant to them. According to Lt. Col. Henri Marcaillou, the French "need to be side by side with people who are sharing this part of the world."

U.S. Involvement

For the U.S. it proved that the countries can all work "for a common goal or a common cause", said Lt. Col. Jeremy Nelson.

Other countries will be sending troops to the area later in the year. Britain will be sending aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth into the region and Germany will be sending a frigate.

These recent moves have been criticized by China, who calls the actions an "exclusionist bloc base on a Cold War-era mindset."

Importance of a Common Goal

With China making moves, no one really knows what to expect. However, aggressive behavior on the part of a singular country cannot be good.

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