US Navy F-35C Lightning II Loss Confirmed In South China Sea

 January 31, 2022

The US Navy has confirmed that one of it's F-35C Lightning II joint fighter jets, a nearly $80 million asset, crashed into the South China Sea.

The rumors on social media started with the image above and included the following video:

At first, the US Navy would not confirm the incident, presumably until an investigation was complete and public relations cleared the details to be released to the general public.

However, at this point the Navy has confirmed the event. Unfortunately, it is the latest in a series of dangerous mishaps that have occurred in the last two months aboard the USS Carl Vinson in the last few months.

During the crash, the pilot and 7 other sailors were injured. All are now stable and expected to survive though our thoughts and prayers are with the injured!

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6 comments on “US Navy F-35C Lightning II Loss Confirmed In South China Sea”

  1. First question should be, was it shot down or why did it crash? Are they going to tell the truth or lie to us again?

  2. This has been reported to be the result of a JAB in the arm less than 72 hrs . prior. Thanks to the government for their mandates/ Lets go Brandon


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