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12 comments on “WATCH: Air Force A-10 Warthog Unleashes Total Destruction”

    1. Sharon, that would certainly make any enemy think twice about grabbing left over equipment, especially if it self-destructs!!

    2. Great idea,..and Military should DESTROY ALL our equipment left in Kubual!! They can't arrest ALL our Military for doing it!!..just DO IT land and get away ASAP!

    3. It's a good idea but perhaps such could be spoofed by an enemy to self destruct when not wanted to. But all EOD units should have satchel charges to be used to destroy vital equipment and records.

      Also please keep in mind this inept administration didn't expect the Afghan government and military to fold like a house of cards in a hurricane when it disregarded top officers advice to leave a small military contingent there. After all, they knew "The Fall of Saigon" could never happen again.

      1. I was in an armored cavalry unit back in 1968 in Vietnam. My last week in country I lost two M48A3 Tanks. Got hit by RPG's (which is a B-41 anti tank rocket..shoulder launched)
        when I unassed that tank I threw TWO incendiary inside the turret. We came back two days later to retrieve the burned out hull of that tank. There was nothing left on it.
        We have had those devices BEFORE my time.
        The problem you are having today is very POOR leadership from the WH on down. Milley should be court martialed! One of our eleven general orders back in the day was to "not leave your post until properly relieved". this was a court martial offense, especially during a time of war and in a combat zone. You DO NOT just "take off" !!!

    1. At one time several decades ago the military quietly changed a lot of computer chips that were made in China for they they had backdoors built into them.

  1. It's "funny" how the Air Force wanted to get rid of the Wart Hogs as they weren't sleek, fast, stealthy, and high flying. They believed the F-35 could do all the jobs just like Sec. McNamara's Switchblade Edsel.

    An AF Naviguesser

  2. That is bad ass I love seeing what they can do. But hate what happens to our soldiers then when they get home they get left behind.

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