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4 comments on “WATCH: Boot Camp On 9/11 - US Marines Recall The Terrorist Attack While In Recruit Training”

  1. Those who saw the Towers being hit by passenger jets and watched as they collapsed will NEVER FORGET that day.

    1. Yeah that was set up by the Bush administraion, George Bush Sr. and Dubya tryng to bring in their new world order. Rushed bin Ladens family out of town post haste. They think We the People are blind to their shenanigans. What a shame we have so many gutless GOP members all in on the take with them. And now our own revered Supreme Court seems to be in on the sham too.

  2. Peters and Stabinow both Biden worshiping communists. You'll get no backing from them. They both loved Obama, the worst POTUS since Carter and now most likely controlling Bidens puppet strings. The people know Biden is not in control at all. Hell he most likely can't even tie his shoes.

  3. Semper Fi to all my Marine brothers in arms. I would have run down to the recruiter and signed up to go back and serve again but unfortunately I was now too old and had been disabled in my previous job. Having 7 years in the US Navy it would have been nice to re-enlist and serve out at least 13 more years.

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