WATCH: Could This U.S. Stealth Fighter Jet Win A Dogfight?

By Ethan Cole on
 August 8, 2023

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, often referred to as the “stealth fighter,” was the world’s first operational stealth aircraft, born out of a program so secretive that the plane itself was flying combat missions for seven entire years before it was formally unveiled to the public.

Because of the secrecy surrounding the plane’s development and capabilities, along with some intentional breaches of traditional naming conventions, this stealthy aircraft, and its various names, still spark interest (and confusion) to this very day.

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5 comments on “WATCH: Could This U.S. Stealth Fighter Jet Win A Dogfight?”

  1. The F-117 could not win a dogfight since it isn't armed for air to air combat. It only has 2 weapons stores and both are used for air to ground guided bombs.

  2. no, this is not a fighter as such,it is a stand-off silent lo-visibility sub-sonic aircraft not designed for close-in dog-fighting.he will; get you before you know he is even in the neighborhood...

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