WATCH: Daring National Guard Rescue Saves Hundreds Amid California Wildfires

For many, it feels like the entire state of California is on fire. A group of campers in Yosemite experienced this a little too close for comfort...

Despite the incredibly hostile nature of the California wildfires, the National Guard stand ready for anything. Several rescue helicopter crews worked through the night Saturday (September 5, 2020) and into Sunday, rescuing hundreds of people.

The campers had become trapped by flames near Mammoth Pool Reservoir before being airlifted out. Several were hospitalized but it appears that only 2 had serious injuries.

This is a great example of how the National Guard is a powerful resource for individual State humanitarian efforts. The campers were certainly fortunate to have men and women such as these pilots ready to pull them from the fire.

We salute the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade for their excellent work!

Source: Military Times

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