Congress Fails To Fund National Guard, Shut Downs Imminent

By Ethan Cole on
 July 18, 2021

The National Guard is a vital part of our nation's defenses serving stateside when governors need help. On Jan. 6, they helped secure the Capitol, now they are left with a $521 million budget shortfall.

Political Indecision

Republicans and Democrats are once again arguing amongst themselves, while the National Guard is on the verge of shutting down. The head of the National Guard, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, told Congress in May that if they did not close the funding shortfall, that the Guard would shut down

The start of the National Guard's year is Oct. 1 for 2022. However, they begin training in August and September performing drills, training events, and pre-deployment training.

The shut down would affect 2,000 schools run by the Guard. Those schools provide development courses like the Basic Leader Course, a course necessary for promotion.

Individual Cost

The shutdown would affect more than just the organizational side of the National Guard. Troops would begin to miss out on much needed pay. An Army specialist should get about $700 for two months of drills while an annual training is about $1200.

Maj. Gen. Roger Lyles, adjutant general of the Indiana National Guard, said, "I feel horrible as a leader to tell my soldiers and airmen that I may not be able to pay them for August and September drill."

John Goheen, a National Guard Associaition spokesman said to, that closing the schools even for a short time, like 2 months, would have rippling affects on careers, and there will likely be scheduling issues.

"Getting those soldiers to school is tough; some wait a long time. They have to calculate everything -- college, kids, family. This is a big problem."

John Goheen

Troops do not have the benefit of having childcare provided for them while they are at the schools. A reschedule may mean that they won't have another opportunity to get in their training.

Pre-deployment Training

A scarier prospect is troops being sent out without training, if they are not able to conduct the normal readiness training. If they are not funded in two weeks, the training will be cancelled.

Both sides have presented bills with vastly different funding. Sen. Patrick Leahy presented a $3.7 billion plan while Republican Sen. Richard Shelby's was $632.9 million. Shelby's bill provides the exact funding for the Guard and Capitol Police.

Whichever option they choose, they need to do it quickly to avoid any potential shutdowns.

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15 comments on “Congress Fails To Fund National Guard, Shut Downs Imminent”

    1. the way I see it, biden wants the UN here for the racist crap, probably going to have them here forever like we are a 3rd world nation, isn't that what obama wanted.

      1. And don't forget about the UN Small Arms Treaty. The UN has been wanting the US to give up their weapons for Years! That would probably be one of their very first requirements for policing us.
        Biden kills two birds with one stone. However, I think the UN would wind up being a sitting duck if they make that demand. There are probably PLENTY of armed citizens who would enjoy using those baby blue helmets for target practice.

        1. I agree, if They bring in UN forces we should use them for target practice, we can never give up our guns Beijing Biden thinks he's a dictator, 2nd amendment should never be surenderd, we the people have to fight for our freedom, I'll never go out without a fight! How about YOU?

  1. It's what democratic morons do defund police ice MILITARY , everything is defunded , so they have more money to throw away . ( Global warming ) Open boarders , stopping the keystone pipeline and the wall , support BLM antifa , even Kamala was bailing out there terrorism antic's , criminals slowed to commit more crimes . It reminded me of how obama was letting the terrorist out of gitmo ! To crippled and kill our soliders . Remarkable how the two worst president and vice president ( obama and biden ) , still work together .

  2. It's a crime that they can spend billions on capital and not fund our citizen soldiers. We need them and Congress better get their act together or they may be among the missing in 2022!

    1. 35 CP are currently under investigation.
      5 of them have been suspended w/pay.
      Nancy & other Dems are involved in the Jan 6th set-up!!! I hope Kevin McCarthy holds his own investigation committee ... this way, the TRUTH will come out!! I'd love to see Pelosi subpoenaed to testify under oath! You know she will lie to cover her butt, BUT then she could be arrested for lying to Congress! What a tight little spot she would be in. Would love to see her squirm!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ€£

  3. No better way for commie CHINA JOE to help slide his friends in . for USA not to have security in the home land so that means every citizen should remain alert keep guns ready eyes wide open . you can not trust a communist everything they say is a lie. JUST LIKE A DAMOCRAP cummunist biden waisted to much money sending it to other countries to help fund abortions over seas . thats more important than keeping our country safe. This is what happens when they put RETARDS IN A OFFICES OF POWER And to start with they let them in without background checks. . THAT IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF TOL NOTCH SEVERE DEEP BACKGROUND CHECKS ON ALL INCOMING POLITICIANS.

  4. I live right next to a member of the guard, he's a great guy, he never bitches about what's happening, they should be taken care of nomater what! We don't want them in the capitol, they have police, so let them do there Job, protecting the border that's so desperately needed!

  5. time to tell Sleepy Joe and his crime ring not to call on any National guard for anything ever.Woke is broke!!

  6. Once again, the current admin is FAILING AMERICANS!!!! They need to PAY UP NOW!!! We as CITIZENS are expected to pay our taxes ... we expect our gov't to pay it's bills .. on time!!! Especially something as important as the people who defend our nation!! PAY THEM NOW!!!!!!!!

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