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5 comments on “WATCH: Elite Battlefield Medics In Action”

  1. Medics are the saviors of a lot of soldiers. It's a lot easier to pull the trigger on a weapon to kill someone than is to try to keep them alive. Thank You Medics!!!!!!!

  2. An INCREDIBLE story about what our troops go through building a MAKE-SHIFT HOSPITAL in the middle of a dessert to save as many lives as they can ! A stark reminder of just how ugly war really is ! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR DEDICATION in the fight for our FREEDOM & GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

  3. I wouldn't be alive if not for my medic(s) and the FST I had in Afghanistan. Thank you to all who served and are still serving and those "in the fight" God Bless and keep you all!

  4. I have seen so many war documentaries that have shown explicit combat scenes and when someone frantically shouts "Medic, Medic" they come running, dodging bullets, to try their best to help save a life, and they saved a lot of lives, probably still are, they are angels in fatigues with a medical bag, running to help those on the ground fighting for their lives!

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