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8 comments on “WATCH: Fighter Jet DECIMATES Taliban Forces”

  1. I am fighting VA for benefits from Exposure to Agent Orange and Blood-based Foam that I trained with and used in Vietnam.I will be 75 on the 31st of August.

    1. Go to the American legion … or DAV
      To represent you ..Going straight to the VA directly … is why you’re ignored .
      Thanks for your service .. my husband did 2 tours in Nam / Charlie Co 25 th division

    2. Keep fighting as I have been at it with the DAV for over 28 years. STILL have issues with the agent orange and several others. I had meliodosis over there which is a lung disease that makes them bleed. VA said I was recovered and in 1994 (retired) they gave me 0% rating. Seems they lied after taking NO test so there were no records. NOW the disease has come back on me and my breathing is less that 50%. Go the the DAV but educate yourself and only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear from the VA. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before filing!!! 72 and still kicking--going to live so long they will wish they had never let me in!!!

  2. Now to drop MOAB's on the weapons storage area "captured" by the Taliban. Before that ensure the top leadership is invited to inspect the haul.

  3. Maybe the Taliban would take a trade. Joe Biden, Kameltoe Harris, Nancy “Pig” Piglosi and the entire Biden Adm for our “stuff” that Biden gave away

  4. All American weapon systems should be designed with built-in self-destruct capability as well as the capability to initiate the self-destruct mechanism from a distance.

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